Zombie story part 5

This is part 5 of a story that I started on www.skippyslist.com and I have mostly been using it to try and improve my writing ability, so the first couple of parts are not the best written. You are welcome to visit that site if you wish to see the first 4 parts of the story, and in fact, I recommend to visit that site reguardless.

They were waiting in the woods, studying the ship wreckage; there were only a small number of the undead wandering with their heads half smashed, their bodies in later stages of decomposition. “Why aren’t they with the rest of them? They seem even less aware then the rest of them.” said one of the men, holding a forest axe, like the rest of the men. They chose to carry melee weapons, so that the men fighting the Brits would be better armed. Also, attacking with an axe didn’t require a minute to prepare for the next strike. “I don’t know, but look at their heads, maybe their brains have been damaged, and that might be why. Lets proceed with care though, be prepared.” Said another of the men, as he raised his weapon and slowly made his way toward the remains of the ship. They were within a few feet of the first creature, when it made a sound like it was snorting, then turned to face the men and attacked. One of the men quickly took it down with a single strike of his axe, splitting the head of the thing in half. The other monsters didn’t make any indication that they heard or saw anything. Curiously, one of the men shouted at the things, but got no response. He then picked up a rock and threw it at one of them, and still didn’t get any reaction. Then he threw another rock at the thing’s head, and knocked it over, killing it. “I’m not sure, but I think these things track by smell, but I don’t think these ones are able to work with the rest of the group, because they had their heads smashed. In any case, lets keep an eye out for what my be in the ship, its giving me a bad feeling” said the man, who seemed to act like the unofficial leader of the group. As they entered the ship, they heard footsteps on the wood floor above them, and despite the bright sunlight outside, it was as dark and dank as a cave inside, with the smell of rot overwhelming the senses. After only a few steps, one of the men stepped on a soft spot in the floor, almost falling through. After his initial yell of surprise, he tried to pull himself up, but then was yanked back down violently, breaking through some more of the floor, catching the edge before falling down to an area full of undead, gnawing on the man’s foot. As the man screamed, his partners tried to pull him back up, but the weight was too much, and the man fell into the pit of creatures, screaming as he was eaten alive. Realizing that they couldn’t do anything for him anymore the others continued searching the inside of the ship, now being careful of soft spots in the floor. Finally they found the captains cabin, and the diary inside. As they made their way out, they checked the other rooms, and found one of the things, only this one was different, it was still looked like a human, and it had a hand that had deformed into a misshapen hunk of meat. It immediately began attacking, snarling, and hissing. The two men reacted, one of the men hitting the creature in the chest, the other man splitting the skull. The thing seemed unfazed, in spite of his impromptu brain surgery, hitting one of the men with its deformed hand, and biting the throat of the other. The man who hit it in the chest fell to the ground, still holding onto his axe, and quickly jumped to his feet, and kicked the thing in the side, destabilizing it, and struck at the monster’s neck, beheading it. The man then looked at his friend, who had just died from the neck wound, and decided to behead him before he could turn into one of the things that were outside. When the deed was done, he checked the room, and spotted a diary with blood smears across the cover. He picked it up and headed outside, hopefully some good would come out of all of this death.


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