The Silent War

Here is a story that I decided to start for no particular reason other than to help guard against my writer’s blocks. Hopefully you find it entertaining, if a bit violent.

“The Upierci tribe seems to have set up shop in a swamp nearby. We’re going to have to use floaters to take out their cover. Let’s just hope that we can take them by surprise. Tell the rookies that they better keep their eyes up, but to keep a watch on the ground too, who knows what these psychos have planned.” said the burly man in a camouflage uniform. The man listening at attention made an about-face and marched toward the covered truck, full of men and explosives. After talking quietly to another big guy in uniform, the guy shouted out to the men in the truck: “Okay you dolts, we are going after the Upierci maniacs who decided it would be fun to attack one of our bases. Now, while I know you all have been told how these creeps operate, I don’t trust you to pay attention, so I am going to keep things simple for you. Keep your eyes up, look for anything odd, and if you don’t like how it looks, fire an explosive arrow at it. Do not bother with grenades, unless you’re planning on getting in a splash fight with these guys. We’re going to be using the floaters instead. Keep an eye on the water as well, these guys will rip your head off and eat your eyes out before you can say ‘hello’. One more thing, before I send you morons to your doom, keep radio silence until I say so, our likelihood of surviving is better when they don’t know we’re coming.” After the man finished his speech, the young men and women in the vehicle began file out, all carrying metal bows with quivers full of exceptionally wide arrows, and they all had odd looking objects hanging from their belts that looked like wooden squares with black domes in the center. They kept as silent as they waded through the swamp, every other soldier was looking up, and the rest were looking down at the water. Despite the care they took, none of them noticed the alligator slowly moving behind them. Suddenly, the alligator following the platoon attacked one of the people in the back, dragging them down into the muck. Several other soldiers reacted, pulling out short swords and jumping on the reptile that attacked. It was then that the men in the trees pounced, landing on the people sneaking around the swamp. They were wearing strange suites that changed color, like a chameleon’s skin. Their teeth were filed down to sharp points, and they were all pale and bald. However, the most obvious thing about them were their weapons, large claws on their hands, each of them knives a foot long each, and they were wearing similar ones on their feet, the claws about half as long. As they landed on the people, they savagely tore them apart, slicing at them with their claws and biting into the necks of their prey. The panicky new recruits began trying to blow themselves up, throwing their “floaters” in every direction, and shooting their arrows into the trees above. Before anything was able to explode, the strange men from the trees quickly jumped away, leaving the rookies to their fates. Then, the two large men leading the platoon pulled out their explosive bows and began firing at the strange figures. They managed to strike down three of them, and when the arrows exploded, the blasts took down two more. “Fall back!” shouted out one of the leaders, and the remaining soldiers began running back to their vehicles, but as they got close, a net, hidden in the water, captured a number of them and shot up into the trees. The rest got to the trucks, and drove off. The Upierci won the day, and they would feast that night. After all, they Upierci were more than just fierce warriors, they were also cannibals.


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