The Silent War part 2

The large, grand table, set to seat more than fifty people, was being prepared. The smell of the meats put onto the table was mouthwatering, and everything was set up as if it had come out of a medieval castle. The reality of the situation was much darker, as the people sitting at the table, patiently waiting for the others, all had teeth filed to points, and the meat that was being served was human. The eating utensils were crafted from bone, the tablecloth made of human skin, and the lamps lit with the fat leftover from the bodies. Once everybody had been seated, one of the children, his teeth sharpened as well, began reaching for the food set before him, until his mother gently slapped his hand. “What have you done to earn this food? You know that the men who hunted down those whom we eat get the first bites. They are the ones who truly deserve this feast, but they share it with us out of the kindness of their hearts. One day, when you are a true warrior, you will be allowed to have the first taste of that which you hunt.” his mother whispered to him. Once the hunters who had captured the militants had their choices of food, the rest of the tribe proceeded to eat in silence.


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