Zombie story part 7

The American rebels were on top of a hill, in their makeshift fortress crafted from logs and anything else that could be dragged to protect the men. The British were supposed to arrive soon, according to what the scouts were able to gather. The men on the hill were worried, despite the fact that the British were slowly worn down by the abominations that now roamed the woods, they still outnumbered the colonists two to one, and they were running out of ammunition. Then, the British began marching out of the woods, their weapons prepped, their eyes set on the hill. “Men, as you all know, we are low on ammunition. So, to prevent ourselves from wasting anything, I give you one order, don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, and if any undead come out of the woods to attack, don’t shoot until you see the white of their bones.” shouted out William Prescott. It was then that the British began their charge. The colonists did as they were told, waiting until the last moment to fire their weapons, despite the rounds that flew over their heads. Men fell on both sides, but the Americans held their ground, despite the hopelessness of the situation. But, after several intense minutes, a pungent odor wavered through the air, something that managed to mask even the sharp smell of gunpowder, and caused a few of the men to begin retching. Then, they appeared, an army that appeared to have just marched straight out of hell itself began shuffling out of the woods, growling and moaning, just behind the British. The soldiers in red tried to fight against the horrors as they fought the colonists, but there were too many of the wretches, and what was originally supposed to be a simple retaking of a hill became a trap, where the organized soldiers had no place to run, and had become a buffet. The colonists knew that the undead wouldn’t stop with the British, and so, they grabbed their melee weapons, ranging from axes to sticks, and began running away from the gruesome site. They would lose Bunker Hill, but they were content with the knowledge that the British wouldn’t be able to take it back.


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