Zombie story part 10

They came slowly at first, only a few at a time one the British had begun cooking the meat they had gotten as a gift. The first few were easily dealt with, but the British made a mistake, they thought that all they were dealing with were stragglers, not a foreshadow. Then, the bulk struck, an army of a few hundred undead monstrosities. They not only overrun the area, but they slaughtered and ate every living person in the area, they had been drawn by the smell of cooking meat, which smelled like food to them. As they poured into the encampment, like a tidal wave on a small village, Jennifer waited in her prison, which protected her from the abominations. As her jail keeper slammed against the bars from the force of the once dead body hitting him, digging its teeth into his throat, Jennifer took a quick moment to steal the Billy club from her guard. As her keeper died, she smashed open the head of the walking body, and then the head of the guard, to keep him from rising again. She grabbed the keys off of the recently dead body in front of her and waited in her cage, after all, it would be a fool’s choice to run into a herd of flesh eating corpses, no matter what weapon they may have. And so, she waited. While the groans and moans were maddening, she noticed that they began to dissipate as night fell, until, when the moon was highest in the sky, there were only a few of the things left. She then crept out of her jail, careful to stay as far away from the undead as to not alert them. Thankfully, the long day and the dirt that collected onto her covered up her smell, so that the undead had a more difficult time sensing her. She only had to finish off a few of them on the way to the horse, which was oddly ignored by the walking corpses. Then, she rode back to report the success to General Washington, the British had been thinned out considerably, though now there was the problem of removing the undead from the lands.


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