The Silent War part 3

Sorry to stall a bit on the Zombie story. When I can get past a small block, I will make sure to put up the next part.

Despite the failure of the mission, the Danor group still celebrated vigorously, brawling, copulating, eating, drinking, anything that made them feel alive. One would have mistaken them for being perfectly careless. What a person outside of the group would have missed is the large number of mines, and tripwires set up to keep strangers from invading. The childhood of the Danor is usually filled with close calls as the parents teach the children how to notice small things, like twigs and stones that are out of place, for that is where the deadly traps are always hidden. The assault on the group’s encampment by the Upierci was a lure, one that the Danor swallowed because they are a prideful people. It was their downfall, but because they rarely had casualties on their own soil, they had a habit of taking a blood for blood view on attacks on their home. Of course, although they had been trained since childhood to look for clues on land, another old nemesis was sending their probes to search underground for weak points.


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