The Silent War part 4

They were called the Order of the Silent Flame. They waited for all of the Danor to fall asleep, or pass out in a few cases. With the new moon in the sky and the fires put out, it was so dark that one would be unable to see more than a few inches in front of their face. As such, even if the patrols were awake, they would have been unable to see the black cloaked figures moving slowly through the camp. The figures all wore what appeared at first to be black eye patches, and they all carried long, silver daggers with strange inscriptions on them. After carefully stepping around the numerous explosive traps that infested the camp, they walked silently into the variously sized tents and stood over the men and women lying in the beds. One thing that these men and women had in common was that they made up the loosely organized council of that particular grouping of the Danor. Once all of the cloaked figures were in place, the stood in place for a second, and then a small flash of light shone under the eye patches they wore. Immediately afterward the figures raised their daggers in unison, and brought them down onto the necks of their targets, all of this happening without a single sound happening, even the blood that dripped fell onto soft blankets noiselessly. And just like that, after silencing their targets, they disappeared as if they were nothing but specters.


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