The Silent War part 6

The Upierci scout was watching from the trees, his job was to carefully watch the tensions between the Order and the Danor. Last night, the Order assassinated the men and women who made up the council that ran the Danor of the region. The Order may be highly organized, but their tactics left something to be desired. The Danor may have lost their leaders, but the chaos was superficial. They already had plans in the event that a leader, or all of the leaders, died. The chaos that could have fooled an ordinary outsider was merely how the Danor always were. The Danor already knew who had attacked them; the Order had their signatures that they never forgot to leave. As the men and women of the Danor went to work starting their process of figuring out how to respond to the attack, the Upierci scout scrambled off to his tribe’s castle, nestled in the trees near the swamp that was attacked yesterday. The planning of the Upierci was never as long-winded as the Danor and never as ritualistic as the Order of the Silent Flame, because their reason for fighting was for food. Besides, the two groups were always incredibly easy to predict, despite all of the voting the Danor did, they always had a preference to counter attack. And the Order always attacked at night, always choosing the offensive, believing that the world needed to be purified for the arrival of the supposed god of fire and silence. Hopefully, the other scout did his job correctly and spotted the entrance to the underground lair of the Order. The last scout that failed when he fell asleep ended up being part of dinner the next night.


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