Zombie story part 11, fixed

To make up for not doing much for the Zombie story, and having the last part turning out like crap, I have re-done it, and hopefully everybody likes this version better.

As Jennifer Miller went off to report her success, the undead army began to literally fall apart. The heat of summer was causing the walking corpses to rot, and they began to decompose into chunks of putrid meat. The army may have died within a few days if they hadn’t fed on the British. The new bodies, now all of them wearing tattered red uniforms, began their march on Boston, the next nearest place that had the smell of meat wavering on the wind.

Button Gwinnett was shopping in the streets of Boston, he had already signed the Declaration of Independence, and he was heading home. It was as he was looking into the window of one store that he heard the screams, followed quickly by gunshots. He turned to look down the street, and saw the red-clad corpses chasing down the living. He turned around quickly to run, and hid inside a shop full of various farming supplies. The shopkeeper was hiding behind the counter, making himself as small as possible, and Button quickly grabbed a small scythe that was hanging on the wall. After a few moments of nothing but the screams outside, Button began to sneak a look out the window. An undead smashed its head through the window and just barely missed sinking its teeth into Button’s collar bone. In reaction, he shoved the scythe into the face of the monster, spurting coagulated blood everywhere, much of it spattering onto Gwinnet’s face. Chokeing on the putrid matter, he ran into the back of the shop and began to vomit. There, he continued to vomit, even after the chaos was over. The shopkeeper who was lucky enough to survive the attack helped Button home, and called for a doctor.


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