Zombie story part 12

As it had appeared that the undead were able to attack with renewed vigor, and that it would take some time for the new bodies to rot, the remaining Founding Fathers met in a building that had all of the doors and windows barred. John Adams began the meeting and explained exactly what the situation was. “How do we know that these things are going to even rot quickly enough? Autumn is almost upon us, and these cursed things may be able to continue on even longer.” shouted out one man from the group. “General Washington and Mr. Franklin have been plotting a way to defeat this menace. What we know, is that these things are attracted to not only the smell of humans, but the smell of cooking meat as well. We may be able to lure them all into a trap, but we do not know where. As was pointed out, we cannot rely on the natural process to defeat these things, so we need ideas.” said John Adams. “Sir, while we cannot rely on summer to rot these things away, we may be able to lure them all into a cave. When they attacked Boston, I had sought refuge on top of my building and pulled a ladder up with me. These things show no interest in climbing. I know of a large cavern that we may be able to lure these undead into. All we would have to do is cave in the entrance, and then they would be sealed away. Even if they managed to survive, I do not think that they are capable of digging through solid rock.” suggested Thomas Jefferson. “Then, unless any other suggestions are made, we shall bury these corpses inside the cavern.” said John Adams. After a moment of silence, the meeting was completed.


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