Zombie story part 13

They had to use the meat of the horses that had died recently to fill the back end of the old cavern because they had run low of meat after the stunt they pulled to take the British out of the picture. It had taken two painstaking days to rig the entrance of the cavern to cave in on command. It was now time to hope that all of the undead were lured into the cavern by the smell of the meat, and afterwards, they would have to search the woods carefully for any stragglers that broke off of the herd for one reason or another. A there were only two men atop the mouth of the cavern, watching carefully, each holding a rope that snaked through the rocks, attached to simple rigs that, when removed, would cause a cave-in. There were only two challenges: determining the correct moment to pull the ropes, and getting away from the mouth of the cavern before they could be caught in the collapse. The first thing that hit them was the smell of rot. It was all they could do to keep from vomiting. As they held handkerchiefs to their faces, they heard the distant groaning and moaning of their quarry. They had to stick to the top of the entrance to ensure that the undead would be interested in the unmoving feast inside the dark, dank hole in the earth, and not the living flesh nearby. It was after hearing the unnerving vocals of the rotting corpses for about ten minutes that they finally saw the first hints of red in the sea of green and brown ahead of them. As the things moved closer, it became more and more obvious that these weren’t the soldiers they once were. Their flesh had become leathery from the sun and heat, and they had ragged tails that had once been their intestines and other, various organs. They no longer had lips; instead, they now wore the skeletal grins that could only be seen madmen, or the dead. The bones stuck through the cloth of the uniforms like the teeth of a great beast that had recently feasted on one of the British. While a few of the abominations paused at the entrance, distracted by the warm flesh dangling above them, out of reach like a carrot on a stick luring a horse to its end. Eventually, all of the monstrosities made their way into the maw of the cavern, as if they were small creatures about to be eaten by an immense alligator. But, as the two men on top were waiting to ensure that as many undead as possible were inside, something happened, one of the things bumped into one of struts keeping the entrance from caving in prematurely. While the men reacted quickly to the ground that had given way from beneath them, only one man made it, as the other was unable to keep his footing on the falling rocks. As he was crushed, one of the creatures that hadn’t made it in yet began chewing on the fresh meal that had plopped in front of him. Watching this, the surviving man took two large knives out of a sheath he had on his hip and first threw one into the head of his partner, then another into the skull of the diner.


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