Zombie story part 14

As the men searched through the forest, hunting down the remaining undead, Button was still lying in bed, restrained as he violently thrashed at anybody who got near him. As the doctor continued to check the heartbeat of the man, it became clear that Gwinnett was something new, he wasn’t one of the undead, but he was no longer human. As such, nobody was willing to kill him. Soon, all of the undead that had strayed from the main pack had been hunted down in the forests, and the United States of America finally gained their independence from Great Britain. But Button Gwinnett no longer aged nearly as quickly as others, and during the years following the Revolutionary War, he became less violent, until he appeared completely docile. Because none of the other founding fathers were able to just let him go free, they instead kept him as a member of various offices, occasionally in the senate, or congress. There were even times when he was vice president. To keep his true identity a secret, every few decades, he was given a new name, and other members in charge of him made sure to keep him from looking the same after his name was switched. The last known identity of Button Gwinnett was the vice president to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney. Harry Whittington, after finding out the true identity of Dick Cheney threatened to tell the world, but after a particular hunting trip, he agreed to keep silent.


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