Death Knight War, part 1

Before you read this, keep in mind that this was based off of the Death Knights of World of Warcraft. However, this is all fan-made and i’m not making any money off of it, and I don’t know the legal stuff i’m supposed to put up.

Finally, he had found it! Dr. Hadred had finally found the tomb of King Arthur, something that he had spent thirty years searching for! Most people told him he was a fool, wasting his time and other people’s money searching for the tomb of a person that most people decided was never real in the first place. But he found it; it was in a graveyard of a remote church near the heart of England. He had been searching areas all over England for the past year, checking older churches in the old British lore on the legendary figure. Finally, he decided to check this smaller church that wasn’t even on the map, and checked the crypt underneath the graveyard, and discovered a tomb that was from the era that Arthur ruled over Camelot. He then saw the inscriptions on the tomb indicating that it held the famous king, and oddly enough, it was not heavily adorned, and then he realized, King Arthur was a very modest king, he wouldn’t want a tomb adorned with gold and jewels, he was an honest man, and that is what made him the most memorable king in history. As he checked over the coffin, he became more and more convinced that this tomb held the famous king. When he finally got permission to open the crypt coffin, he beheld what appeared to be a stone encasing in the shape of a man wearing a crown and holding a large sword, still sharp and shiny despite being several centuries old. The sword was covered in several inscriptions in Latin. The most prominent inscription was one that was carved into the hilt, one that said “Excalibur, sealer of evil”.


2 thoughts on “Death Knight War, part 1

  1. Your Dr. Hadred better act fast as there’s an Arthur monument being planned for Glastonbury Abbey to mark the tomb of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere. This plan isn’t based on the Death Knights but it may as well be – the fans of King Arthur are falling deeper under the spell of some crafty hype I think and in this case somebody’s making money from it!

    Before you read this, remember that a month ago (May/June 2009) the Scottish Government recognised ‘Merlin’ as a National hero of Scotland so maybe Glastonbury Abbey is just trying to pull the same wool over the eyes of the fans. In another 1000 years, somebody will spend a fortune on a memorial tomb at the birthplace of Mickey Mouse I guess.

    This is it – enjoy the read :

    Trustees of Glastonbury Abbey will commission a stone memorial to stand within the ruins where the legendary king and queen’s remains were reburied in a black marble tomb next to the high alter.

    Each year around 100,000 visitors from across the world visit the abbey and see the site of the tomb.

    In 1191 the monks of Glastonbury discovered the tomb of who they believed to be King Arthur, and his remains was laid beside Queen Guinevere.

    Although Arthur and Glastonbury Abbey may have been linked in oral traditions before 1191 there are no known written connections before this date.

    A series of designs for the sculpture or stone memorial by local artists will be unveiled at an exhibition which opens on Friday and runs until October as part of a public consultation.

    A panel of judges will choose the final design, which has a maximum budget of £100,000.

    Before it is erected the memorial will have to be approved by the Scheduled Monuments Consent and the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

    A spokesman said: “Given its location in this sensitive situation the sculpture will need to be in keeping with its architectural surroundings and be sensitive to the Christian ethos of the site.

    “At this stage the trustees are open to ideas about the form the sculpture might take and the type of stone used, it could for example be figurative, of table tomb form, an engraved slab or grave marker.”

    • To be honest, I started this story about a year ago, so I have to say that this is actually just coincidence, I made all of this up.

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