Death Knight War, part 2

The coffin was immediately shipped to the United States to the university Dr. Hadred worked at. The night it arrived was especially dark, and an air of unease had settled around the building after the coffin was left, and the workers delivering it quickly had thoughts only of getting home as soon as possible. After they left and the entire university was abandoned of life, a shadow that had been on the ceiling dropped to the floor without making so much as a thump. A very pale man wearing jet black clothing materialized out of the shadow and looked upon the human shaped statue that was his leader centuries past. The mysterious figure grinned, baring his long fangs, and then seemed to dissolve into a dark fog that slipped underneath the locked door.

“Well, before we can do the tests, we need to get this sword off of him.” said Dr. Hadred. It was only five in the morning, but the archeologist wanted to get as many tests done as possible, he had his entire career to validate and this coffin was his key. He began to carefully remove the sword from the statue, and only moments after the sword left the stony grip of the statue the fingers twitched. This went unnoticed by the staff. Dr. Hadred then took one last moment before the test to take a look at the face of the statue to try to determine the type of stone used, and then suddenly the eyes opened, and the hands of the statue flew up to Dr. Hadred’s throat and strangled him. The doctor’s neck snapped from the incredible pressure, and the statue threw the dead body at one of the staff members, slamming him against the wall, breaking the man’s spine. Then, the corpse of Dr. Hadred began to move, and began to attack the remaining members of the staff. The statue then thrust his hand out in the direction of the other staff members and the people began to develop sores and began to bleed from every orifice. After they fell, they soon rose again, and began following the figure that killed them.


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