Death Knight War, part 3

“Sire, the death knight Arthur is back, our orders?” asked the pale, gaunt figure that had looked over the undead knight the night before. “I have already synced up our thoughts, what I want you to do is to go forth with the others to try to aide Arthur and increase the army’s size. Do not forget that Arthur has been sleeping for many years now, so he may be a bit sluggish, I want you in particular to help him recover his fighting skills, and remind him of why he is slaughtering humans, I don’t want him out of my control, he is too important to lose.” Said the robed figure, he then turned to the vampire, revealing his still rotting and bleached disfigured face. “Is that clear?” “Yes Merlin, understood sire.” replied the vampire.

Meanwhile, the streets were filled with chaos as the death knight walked through the streets of New York City. As he passed by an electronics’ store, the TVs. showed a man being interviewed about the situation and he was being asked if this was the start of the fabled apocalypse indicated by the Mayans to happen that day of 2012 December 21st. Many people fell quickly at the hands of the knight, who now had an enormous sword covered in glowing runic markings and was easily slaughtering the people walking the streets as if they were made of cardboard. Those that ran, got chased down by the numerous walking corpses of varying stages of decay, ranging from fresh people to near skeletal remains that dug themselves from the graveyards when the undead juggernaut passed by. Many other people fell to a fast and highly contagious disease that spread even faster then the army of death that surrounded the death knight. Inside the buildings vampires hunted on those that sought shelter from the carnage outside, leaving no place safe for anybody, even the tanks that had responded seemed to do nothing to the ever growing numbers following the man that was quickly becoming known as death himself. One of the mounted police had tried to shoot the knight himself after a heroic jump over a large group of the undead, only to be sliced in half by the runic blade. Immediately afterwards, the horse that the cop had ridden began to grow pale and skeletal until it looked little more than a bleached skeleton, and the death knight climbed onto the horse and charged forward at an almost supernatural speed with death and decay spreading around him like mold on bread.


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