Death Knight War, part 4

“Damnit, I was hoping to have more time before Arthur was found, we’re going to have to find more souls, need I remind you that we need strong souls, not just any souls?” asked a woman who looked like a desiccated corpse. “Yes ma’am, it has been getting difficult lately with all of the police technology. However, we have managed to acquire more subjects and one of them had an exceptionally strong presence around him.” said the vampire behind her. She then turned from the window overlooking Rome and went to the door behind the vampire. The room on the other side looked almost like a medieval prison with three people in a cage hanging from the ceiling. The undead woman walked up to the cage of screaming people and studied them, then said “These are good, prepare those two for sacrifice and take this man here, and bring him to the laboratory so I can use him as a base, his soul will be strongest inside his original body and we are going to need a powerful soul for him to take on Arthur.” With that, she waved her hand and all three people in the cage fell into a deep sleep and the vampires in the room took them out of the cage and moved them off into separate rooms. “Finally, I, Morgan Le Fay shall destroy my brother and will rule the world.

Meanwhile, New York City had become something that was no longer a city, it was a necropolis. The once bustling city streets were now filled with death, the buildings covered with rust, moss, and rot. The air had become thick with disease and dust from defeated skeletons and ghouls. However, of all the death that now lived inside the city, there were still living breathing people, however few they were. They survived by living in the sewers, inside small rooms that were once used for maintenance for subways and waste control. Fortunately, the vampires seemed to despise the sewers for the smell, and the wet air and corrosive chemicals in the sewers prevented the undead from surviving for long. Outside of the city, the area was the opposite of the incredible silence inside of the city. It was a war zone outside the necropolis, the forces of the U.S. were trying to beat back the ever growing army, but they did so without success as every marine, soldier, and civilian that fell quickly became troops for the opposite side. The only reason the undead army was held back as long as it was, was the explosives and missiles shot at the bulk of the undead offensive. Unfortunately, the explosives only worked for a short amount of time, afterwards, specters began exploding the missiles and grenades early, minimizing the damage on the legion. After the explosives were rendered useless, the advance of the undead began to move steadily forward, slaughtering all, not even flinching from the automatic weapons. Suddenly, the leader of the undead army appeared from behind the U.S. military lines and began massacring everything he saw, even the tanks stood no chance as the became frozen and cracked from the sudden ice. In a matter of hours, the army that had intimidated the world for years became nothing more than frozen rubble and walking corpses. As if by psychic connection, every human still living below the necropolis shivered unconsciously.


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