Death Knight War, part 5

As this was going on, Rome was facing it’s own problems, a similar being was rampaging across the ancient city, the dead had risen, just as they had in New York, only there was something different with these undead, the didn’t stay as they had originally had been when they came back, many of them had begun morphing their limbs into weapons made of bone and mounds of flesh, many of the undead no longer even looked humanoid, they had turned into rotting masses of flesh and bone, and many people began believing that these were not zombies or ghouls at all, but demons sent up from hell to take over. At the center of this was another armor-clad man with grey, dead, flesh, but this man had glowing white lines where his veins had been before, and glowing blue eyes, and he held a large runic sword in one hand, and a large runic axe in the other, and he quickly ran through the streets, slaughtering everything in his path. He mercilessly killed the men and women in the city, raising his undead army at an unfathomable rate; it took only a few hours to turn the once popular city into a land of death. All the time he was doing this, tears streaked his ashen cheeks, tears that quickly froze, forming icicles on his face, which only made him more intimidating to the humans, and this deviation from the will of Morgan Le Fay went unnoticed by her, as she was too busy planning the course of the plague that she had developed to ensure that she had control of the field when the final showdown between her and her brother arrived.

“I can’t believe my sister managed to find a strong enough soul to craft a death knight! And such a strong soul too! No matter, we still have the head start, all we need is superior numbers, and Arthur has more experience as well, he has much more knowledge on the old warfare, however, to secure my chances, I need to begin harvesting the souls necessary to augment Arthur. Galahad! I need you to begin converting some of the undead into mages, specters are fine, but we need every advantage we can get. Lancelot, I need you to begin aiding Arthur with your strength in the battlefield. Gawain, I need you to begin tracking down humans that we can convert into warlocks, I am also going to need some demonic aid as well to augment the numbers, and we need to utterly destroy my sister in order to ensure that this planet will be ours when this is over.” With that, the vampires sitting at the conference table got up and left, pulling up their hoods to shield them from the sunlight and left to complete their appointed tasks.


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