Death Knight War, part 6

Over the next few days, both the U.S. and Europe became covered with two opposing plagues, on Christmas day, there was an explosion that turned the Midwest United States into a radioactive wasteland, except the undead still continued to march on, unaffected by the fallout. From outer space, the planet itself looked infected with a horrible disease. In Europe, the undead became more and more horrific, as if twisted similarly contorted soul of the death knight fighting against his will. Few, if any, of the undead looked human, or even like the beasts that some of them used to be. When aerial attempts to keep this other threat controlled arrived, strange, demonic flying beasts smashed through the jets, and swooped down below, picking up the people that ran, and often filleted soldiers that stood their ground, not even flinching when the automatic weapons simply bounced bullets off of the boney exoskeletons that encased the strange creatures. There were also strange beings that looked like a collection of whirling, boney, spikes that managed to float enigmatically. There were also gigantic beings made of large numbers of dead bodies, and smaller beings that were indescribable, but were blindingly fast, chasing down the fleeing humans. Unlike America, nothing survived the onslaught rampaging across Europe, there was no place to hide, and even the sewers were filled with strange, nightmarish creatures that just waited to pounce on the unwary and desperate. In America, the undead were aided by a new threat; demons were obliterating the forces of humans that were now just a mix of former military and civilians that chose not to run. The people bravely fought against not only hordes of zombies and ghouls, but also enormous beings that looked like fiery lizards, stone giants, and hoofed humanoids with horns and wings. Gigantic boulders rained down from the skies to smash the buildings and vehicles humans tried to use against the legion. It would only take a few more days for the opposing armies to meet each other, and the final, epic, showdown would take place in the Bearing Strait, at this thought, Arthur smiled, but his opponent only shed more icy tears in melancholy anticipation for the people who would die in the process.


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