Death Knight War, part 7

Deep in the Alaskan mountains, far away from the rest of civilization, a man was putting the final touches on his own army, but this one was of steel and circuits, and they had been in the process of creation long before the dead began to walk the land. The man had been a well known engineer for a while; he developed weapons for the military, and also developed recently a bomb disarming robot capable of reasoning and even independent thought. Unfortunately, he had been declined further employment due to concerns that his technology was too far developed; the military didn’t want machines that they couldn’t control. In anger, he had finished developing robotic machines capable of independent thought, micro and macro military decisions, and even technological knowledge to both fix each other, and build other robotic soldiers from scrap materials found on the field. This man had originally planned to make his army as a show of force to get the military to accept his genius. After seeing the undead armies on the news, he began reconfiguring his “soldiers” to focus on the destruction of the undead and demons walking the streets. He saw on the internet the paths that armies were taking, and he knew that they would eventually face off in either Alaska, or Russia, which was right near his home. He decided that he wouldn’t join the fight until near the end, when one of the armies power waned. He would then join the weaker army and destroy them once the superior army was removed from the equation. He would then use his army to help lead the people into a new utopia, one where everything was controlled by robots, and where people had no more reason to fight each other and nobody had to work. He began to thank the armies of the undead, after all, without them he would have had to take a much more difficult path to “world domination”.


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