Death Knight War, part 8

“Sir, what do you plan to do now? Canada has been lost, and they are about to enter Alaska, the last state in the continental U.S.” said the military general sitting next to the president of what was now an undead wasteland. “What is the word from Europe, are they containing the invasion?” asked the president. “Sir, Europe fell a while ago, along with China and a majority of Russia, it appears that these two groups of undead are going to meet in the Bering Strait. Also sir, our nuclear payload in the Midwest has already been detonated by the invading army, and it seems to have hindered them, along with the civilians that have helped stand against them. That seems to be the main reason why it has taken the army here so long to take this continent along with South America. The armies overseas seem to have had less resistance from the other countries, including Africa. Sir, it appears that a majority of forces have congregated to the army going to Alaska, if I didn’t know better; I’d say that the two armies are going to fight each other on the Bering Strait.” said the man sitting next to a radio and an extraordinarily large screen showing the movements of the undead armies. “Sir, what is your decision? My suggestion is that we employ our remaining nuclear weapons and fire them when the armies meet in the strait.” said the Air Force general next to the president. “Yes, I understand, I had hoped to avoid being the second president in history to employ nuclear weapons, but it appears that if we do not, there will be no human history anyway. I want everything we can transmit messages on to warn everybody still living to prepare for a final nuclear strike on the undead army invading all of the human race.” The president said sadly, he then began preparing his speech that he was going to give the people of the world, the people that continue to live after the destruction of the invading army, and the people that he was going to lead with the help of the world leaders that survived.


He had gotten the memo, the government was going to nuke the battlefield when the two armies fought each other, but the scientist knew that even if the main groups got destroyed by the nukes, that didn’t necessarily mean that the war would be won so easily, after all, the general of the undead troops destroyed a nuclear weapon’s mill himself and he still walks, so there must be some way of destroying the general other than nuclear weapons, and it was doubtful that his troops would be capable of destroying such a being. The scientist then began fine tuning a new machine that was perfectly different from his others, an enormous mechanical monstrosity that walked on four legs and had a payload of missiles and Vulcan cannons to supplement them. It roared like a beast, and looked like a demonic dog, he had intended it to lead his troops, but now it had a new purpose: to find what was controlling the being that spread the undead plague. After finding such a being, he would do everything in his power to stop him. He then began wondering, what should he do when this is all over? Maybe use his troops to build the castle he had always dreamed of…


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