Death Knight War, part 9

Merlin and Morgan le Fay were standing, facing each other, both followed by a procession of vampires in the cold night air of the arctic, standing on a frozen piece of ice in the ocean. “Well, it was a nice fun run here, but all good things must come to a close.” said Merlin. “Your right, but I should warn you; this new death knight of mine is nothing like Mordred. This one isn’t all bark and no bite, not this one. This one is more powerful than anyone I have ever tested.” Morgan le Fay responded. “Well, we can only see, and this time, Arthur isn’t going to be taken in by any magical trickery. I will warn you, this time, nothing is going to stop Arthur from killing you, not you, not your specters pretending to be a ‘lady of the lake’.” said Merlin, mocking what happened hundreds of years ago. “Well then, we shall see what we shall see, brother.” Morgan le Fay said before turning around and walking back to land, leaving a trail of ice on the surface of the water.


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