Death Knight War, part 10

It was calm, eerily calm. The air was frigid on the cold water, and if there had been anything still capable of breathing, it would have gagged on the smell of rot and decay. The water, which would normally be liquid still, was frozen solid, making ice capable of withstanding an army, a feat it would be performing soon. In the distance, on either side, was the army of demons and undead monsters, walking slowly towards each other, not rushing as one would expect a normal, living army to do. When the armies got to about twenty feet apart, the death knight Arthur roared and charged at the opposing army, the nameless death knight with icicles dripping down his cheeks raised his weapons and charged at Arthur, and his massive, nightmarish army followed. Fireballs rained down as the fiery golems smashed at everything in sight. Fleshy behemoths charged winged demons, monstrosities of bone and skin tore through zombies and skeletons and bit at the legs of the fiery, stone golems. Flying, nightmarish beings sliced through the floating specters and skeletal mages of Arthur’s army. In the center of this chaos, Arthur and the nameless knight dueled, Arthur taking slower, more deliberate strikes and allowing hits on his armor, while the melancholy death knight made faster strikes at the weak portions of Arthur’s armor, while dodging the slower attacks made on him. As the two death knights dueled, it was complete chaos all around them, bones were smashed, golems were crushed, flesh was torn, fire met ice and dust composed of bones and frost filled the air. Suddenly, amidst the war, mushroom clouds appeared near the armies, and after about a second, a blast wave came and destroyed both armies, leaving only the two death knights standing on an iceberg in the center of the strait, continuing their battle as if nothing had happened. As the battle waned, the nameless death knight made a final blow to the back of the knee as Arthur attempted to pin his opponent to the ground with a single, powerful blow. While the nameless death knight was unable to sever the leg of Arthur, the blow did bring him to his knees, and as Arthur knelt there, awaiting his execution, he dropped his sword and said “Your skill is amazing, and I can see that your spirit is indomitable, unlike mine. I gave up on humanity, saw them tear each other apart over nonsense, it was at about that time that I decided that god had forsaken us. It was then that Merlin came upon me and gave me the power to finish everything once and for all, to destroy humanity, to finally stop its madness. I don’t regret my actions, only that I will never have the hope you have in your eyes for the men still living.” After his speech, the death knight who was unable to speak after his metamorphosis used his axe to behead his target. It was then that Morgan le Fay appeared behind her armor clad puppet and whispered into his ear. When she finished she said “Now, you know where he hides, your final order is to find Merlin and to kill him.” And with that, she disappeared into kicked up frost and was carried away on the wind.


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