Wendigo’s Story, part 2

Few people realize it, but the most horrifying monster is not covered with scales, nor does it have large fangs and claws. The most horrifying monsters have two forms: that of an ordinary man or no form at all. The Wendigo has both.


He was in the schoolyard, playing with the children, playfully flirting with their teacher. He was of average height, but strangely thin and he seemed to have a permanent stubble on his face. He wore a long coat the same grey, gritty color of the snow and a black, wide brimmed hat that covered his medium length black hair. Suddenly a man, a traveler from the look of his unusually large knapsack, burst into the area, pale as the snow around him, looking for any type of authority. One of the town guards, suited in armor with a long sword in one holster and a revolver in the other, walked up to the traveler and asked him what was wrong. Bill Cocytus, the man in the schoolyard, started to eavesdrop on the conversation. The traveler managed to stammer out the words “path”, “north”, and “massacre”. The guard sent some soldiers north to investigate and two escorted the traveler to the station. A couple of hours later, the guards sent to investigate the northern path came back looking sick and scared to death. Bill came out to ask them what they saw and one guard vomited. The other explained that a large group of bandits, ones that fit the description of a group that was reported to have razed a nearby town, was found not only killed, but in pieces, like they went through a slaughterhouse. The guards said that the body parts appeared to be cauterized with ice, not just frozen from the cold. What worried the guards the most was that only bodies of bandits were found, no others, meaning that it could only have been the work of one man. The body parts that were still whole had been arranged to spell out one word: Wendigo.


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