Wendigo’s Story, part 3

“Sir, the entire group was completely annihilated, there were no survivors and any loot is being confiscated by the local guards.” The peon was terrified of his boss, Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg was so named for his lightning battle tactics and his penchant for Nazism. The peon always tried to hide his fear by trying to sound as official as possible. Unfortunately this had caused him to get promoted to Blitzkrieg’s assistant. To the peon’s surprise, Blitzkrieg actually laughed. “This report is obviously false; the guards must be using it to try to scare us away from their village! There is no way that a single being could kill Dingo and his pack of dogs by itself, they had just razed a town guarded by mercenaries! I don’t know what happened, but I need to send someone to re-acquire the bullets that were taken from the previous town.” Blitzkrieg pondered a moment and then announced “I’ll send Vlad, he has been aching for some action and I trust him enough to find out what happened to Dingo and his pack.”


He was told to get Dingo and his loot, that’s it. Vlad had a penchant for torture but was still a favorite leader among his men, which is how he got his name, after Vlad the Impaler. He was told to watch for something or someone called a “Wendigo” whatever the hell that was, and to be wary of the town guards, as they like to confiscate the weapons of criminals permanently, which means the occasional gun so these guards may be better prepared than others. When he inquired about the “Wendigo”, Blitzkrieg seemed to doubt its existence, but told Vlad to be wary of it anyway, just in case.


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