Wendigo’s Story, part 4

She was looking for Bill; she was worried about him in the chaos that ensued after the psychopathic bandits came. Her name was Alexia Seraphim and she had a crush on Bill Cocytus. She was rather short for her age, standing about a foot and a half shorter than Bill. She had long, wavy red hair, and bright, yellow eyes, making her look like the fiery angel she got her last name from. When she ran into his home and found it empty she became puzzled. It was odd because she didn’t see him go off hunting, nor was he playing with the children. As she hurriedly, almost panicking, searched his home for him, she noticed a part of the floor made a hollow thud when she stepped on it. She began inspecting the floor for a trap door when she found a finger hold disguised in the carpet. She followed the staircase underneath the floor to a room that looked like a mad scientist’s workshop and saw Bill at the desk nearby. “How did you find me here?” Bill asked, not harshly, but more with curiosity. “Bandits are raiding and I needed to make sure you were all right, and I found the trap door down here!” she said quickly. “Damn” said Bill and he grabbed something off the worktable, it looked like a rifle except for the strange white blade that ran the length of the long rectangular barrel. “Wait here and you’ll be safe so long as you don’t touch anything” said Bill as he quickly ran upstairs. “Wait!” shouted Alexia, but she got no response, so all she could do was wait and worry.


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