Wendigo’s Story, part 6

The villagers walked out of their homes when they heard the silence only to discover massive carnage that one could normally only see after an explosion. Body parts scattered, the snow stained with blood. Many of the women fainted and parents shielded their children from the gruesome horror that used to be their streets.


Alexia grew anxious and worried that Bill may have gotten hurt or killed. She went upstairs and was about to go outside to look for him when Bill walked through the door, his weapon coated in frozen blood. Before he closed the door, Alexia saw the gore that had filled the streets where bandits once stood. Bill then asked her to go down into the basement for a talk. It was down in the basement where he revealed himself to be the infamous “Wendigo” and all of his hunting trips were him hunting criminals, not for food as he led others to believe. He was also a scientist who studied with another across the ocean on the cancer that afflicted him, the one that gave him his extraordinary abilities. He also studied weapon development and it was working with a scientist calling himself Cold Acid. It was with him that his weapon was developed, but he had only developed a part of it. It was called the W/A Bayonet, the blade was actually made out of glass that had been frozen to nearly absolute zero, the coldest anything can get. The firearm section of it was actually based off of the design of a rail gun, in which it used electromagnets to propel a thin blade. Because it used magnets to fire its “bullets” instead of gunpowder, the act of firing was completely silent and made it easier to use the blades from it later instead of using standard bullets which were useless after being fired. Bill then asked Alexia to not speak of Bills true identity, as he could not afford becoming exiled from the town. He was also an “Ecolite”, in which he was born with a cancer that he was not only lucky to survive it, he also adapted to it and it actually made him stronger and faster, which was how he was able to protect the town. After Bill finished explaining his condition, Alexia agreed to hide Bill/Wendigo’s identity, but then asked how to explain their absence. Bill said that they would wait an hour, and then act as if Bill was hunting when Alexia found him. They would then say that they chose to wait in the woods for the bandits to leave. “What shall we do until then?” Alexia asked. Bill only shrugged.


With Bill and Alexia get back into town, Bill acted flabbergasted.  He asked the guard what happened and the response was “bandits raided the town, saw we were poorly trained and demanded a bandit called Dingo and his loot.  We didn’t give up the loot easily though.  While this man was torturing us, his men suddenly started dying, like they were held together with bubble gum.  After his arm blew up from his gun backfiring, he saw the rest of his troops die, and next I know it, the man’s spine is ripped out and has his stakes shoved through his chest.  I swear that Wendigo is the scariest thing around, but I’m glad he’s on our side”. “You saw him?” Bill asked the guard, who responded negatively saying the bandits got hit while he was looking away.


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