Wendigo’s Story, part 7

“Sir, the report says there was a bandit attack on the town Vlad was sent to, but the bandits were annihilated by an unseen force.” The peon announcing this was shaking in his boots, he just knew he would be punished for announcing Vlad’s failure.  Blitzkrieg roared at this announcement and asked rhetorically how this was possible.  He then grabbed a gold bar and slammed into the side of the peon’s head, caving the skull in and the peon collapsed into a lifeless heap.  After stomping and the body for about 15 minutes, blitzkrieg calmed down, demanded another peon to come in and demanded that an investigation commence to find out if there was an information leakage, and also demanded an expert be sent out to find this so called Wendigo.  He then demanded a slice of cake be sent to his room.


Two days later, a man walked into Blitzkrieg’s room, the charred corpse of his bodyguard tossed aside. ” You need to teach your men some manners.” Said the man dressed like an evangelist.”  “You must be…” “Witch Burner.” The evangelist finished. “I assume you came to the bounty on this ‘Wendigo’.” “I cleanse the impure souls of man and monster alike, fire is the most efficient method I found.” replied Witch Burner. “Your puzzlement is quite apparent, I shall explain myself, you see, God has blessed me with the ability to excite molecules to the point of burning with just a bit of concentration” explained Witch Burner. “I would ask for a demonstration, but…” Blitzkrieg glanced at the charred and still smoldering body, “it seems you already granted one.” “What I request now is the location of the Wendigo and the reward for his head.” said Witch Burner.  Blitzkrieg then had a detailed map planning of the town’s location made. “In addition to the loot left in the village, your reward will include several thousand bullets, there is one warning however, this ‘Wendigo’ seems to be incredibly stealthy, no one has seen him, or it.” The evangelist responded “I have a weapon of my own, it shall equalize the situation, my bayonet of lost technology: Ifrit’s claw!” and Witch Burner pulled out a bladed rifle similar to Wendigo’s except the blade glowed black with a horrible burning. “This weapon gives my foes a taste of hell before they enter the Holy Father’s loving embrace and are granted forgiveness and absolution”


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