Wendigo’s Story, part 8

She was confused them what to do, Alexia had a crush on Bill, but was startled by his violent side.  It was a strange feeling, standing by the man that saved the town, who was praised and being the only person to know it.  She simultaneously wanted to tell everyone, but didn’t want any of them to know.  She knew that if everyone knew, Bill would most likely be exiled.  Now only for his savagery, but also his use of technology that had been banned, forbidden.  She knew he fought for good, but she felt the evil when she saw the result of him dealing with the bandits, and she feared that evil.  She now worried because he had left the hunt once again.  And she didn’t know what he was hunting.


As he was sneaking through the woods, he had a feeling that an enemy was coming, one that was like him, and they weren’t after the village.


Witch Burner was in the road and he sensed the Wendigo hunting for him. He knew that they were of a new sect of the human race. “I can feel you out there Wendigo, can you feel me?” shouted Witch Burner, “let’s cast away the shadow tactics and meet face-to-face.” “Why should I reveal myself to you?” shouted Wendigo from the woods.  Witch Burner then exploded a tree he believed to be hiding the Wendigo. “Your aim is off by about 10 feet.” Shouted Wendigo, who then stepped out from behind a tree a few feet closer to Witch Burner.  Then, instantly, the spot Wendigo stood was replaced with a pillar of fire, and Wendigo suddenly stood inches from Witch Burner, with the point of his ice blade at Witch Burners throat.  Immediately reacting, Witch Burner knocked the sword away with his own blade and as ice met fire, numerous frozen flames fell to the ground.  Witch Burner then knew that even though they were of the same link of the evolutionary chain, Wendigo was of a whole new echelon, for to get past his guard with such ease, Wendigo must be an elite among elites. “What are you after me for?” shouted Wendigo “I can feel that I am your target, and not the village.” “I am here searching for others like us, a new species, the next evolution.  We need to group together and destroy this plague known as humanity” cried Witch Burner. “You forget that it is the folly of man that created us, we’re nothing more than genetic mistakes from a nuclear war that froze the planet!” shouted Wendigo. “I answered your question, now I have a question of my own, why do you protect this village?  Why, in spite of your power, do you work is a mere guard dog for this town?  With your power, you could rule countries with no resistance!  God gave you a gift, and you don’t even use it to its full ability!” “You call it a gift from god, yet I can feel the evil inside me when I use it, when I feel my sword cut into my foes, when I feel a bullet buried itself in the head of my enemy, when I rend their flesh to protect this village.  I act as a guard dog because they took me in when I had no identity and I wished to repay them by using this evil to protect them.  Though I must ask one more question, if you love your god and preach his word, why aid bandits?” “The leader of the bandits is one of us, though he doesn’t realize it.  He at least aspires as I do and I wish to help him develop to the potential god has bestowed upon him, but since you seem intent on preventing this, I have no choice to eliminate you, though I loath to slay one such as I.”  Witch Burner then created a cylinder of fire that radiated out from him.  After the fire radiated out past Wendigo, Witch Burner saw a dome of frozen fire, which promptly shattered and Witch Burner parried an attack purely by instinct. He then reacted by breathing fire in every direction, parrying blows, feeling that cold breath of the Glacius blade inches from his vital areas, seeing the frozen flames as they scattered and fell to the forest floor.  Witch Burner couldn’t believe this speed Wendigo’s moving, and then, he felt something penetrate his shoulder, Wendigo had shot him in his weapon shoulder and Witch Burner hadn’t even sensed Wendigo step back into shooting range! “I didn’t think you’d be able to sense an attack on a non-vital spot.” Wendigo called, mocking Witch Burner, who just gritted his teeth and glared.  He was outclassed.  Witch Burner then took the only escape he could think of, he immediately surrounded the area with fire and ran.  Wendigo knew he could have easily stopped him, but he needed to stop the blaze in the forest, otherwise it may spread to the village, besides, he found an adversary that may be make an entertaining fight… if he gets stronger and learns his lesson.


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