Wendigo’s Story, part 9

When Witch Burner arrived, Blitzkrieg greeted him “I’m amazed, I’ve had two good men and their groups killed by that bastard creature Wendigo.” “Wendigo still lives, I was unable to kill him, he was too good, and he got my shooting arm.” growled Witch Burner. “He lives… I’m still amazed that you came back at all, did you see his face?” asked Blitzkrieg. “Yes, I saw his face, though together we may be able to defeat him, for you and I are of a new evolution god has sent to remove the humans.” said Witch Burner. “I wish to help you to become your full potential, and then the world will belong to us.” “How do you know I am one of you? Of your ‘evolution’?” asked Blitzkrieg. “I feel a resonance from you, we all have it, but you may have ignored the feeling, dismissing it as your imagination. You see, that resonance is our cancer that became a part of us, that we accepted, instead of rejecting it. I can feel it, your resonance is quite irregular though, so you are not as powerful as I am. Wendigo’s resonance though is more regular than clockwork, and he can use it to throw off our senses. We may not be able to defeat him one against one, but together we may be able to defeat him. Now I must train you, otherwise Wendigo may attack us and if we are unprepared, we would have no chance.” “How bad do you actually think the defense of this place is?” Blitzkrieg asked rhetorically. “Have you already forgotten how I came to you your men are nothing to me, how do you think Wendigo will see them? I heard from the police reports that Wendigo not only decimated your men on their raid of the village, but also no one at all, of the people there, saw him.” Witch Burner said “but another course of action just went through my mind… people like us aren’t always accepted into communities, maybe as leaders like you, or mercenaries or priests like me, but never as normal people, and he didn’t talk like the villagers know much about him.” “Are you saying we should use his home against him? Threaten him that we will alert the village to what he is?” asked blitzkrieg. “no, I’m not sure how we would be able to get near the village and he may try to kill us on sight. You cant handle him at all, you cant even sense us well yet, and I can’t do much myself, seeing as he can just disable me like he did. But we must kill him, if we leave him alone, he will only get stronger and he may decide to destroy us in order to save the human race from us ‘freaks’.” said Witch Burner. ”what do you propose we do then?” “Nothing for now, except train you and whatever you do, don’t send anymore of your men after him. That would only help him grow stronger. Also, we need to find more men like us, only if we have enough people like us will we destroy him.” said Witch Burner.


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