Wendigo’s Story, part 10

When she saw Bill come back into town dragging a deer on a makeshift sled, Alexia ran and hugged Bill. Bill was surprised and it took him a second to hug back, he wasn’t used to affection. Alexia then whispered to Bill “I was so worried about you because I never know what you are really after when you go out into the woods.” Bill then said to her “Relax, all you need to know is that I will protect this village and keep the children’s bellies full when I can.” “You don’t understand. I worry about you, I care for you and don’t want you to get hurt.” said alexia. “I don’t want you or anyone else in town hurt either, so I must protect this town against threats. But if people found out what I am, I may never be accepted into this town again. It is a difficult struggle for me, but it is all worth it.” said Bill. “Maybe if I show you later what I have at my disposal I will be able to put your mind at rest. I will give you a look, and a history lesson that may explain things that few understand, that few still know. Then you will understand what I actually am and why I am, and the reason that little have touched this town violently. Come to my place tonight so I can lay your mind to rest on my whereabouts.”


That night, Alexia snuck off to Bills home. She knocked on the door and discovered the door was unlocked when Bill didn’t answer. She let herself in and saw Bill wasn’t in the normal part of the house, so she went to the trap door she saw when the bandits attacked. She knocked on the trap door and a couple of minutes later the trap door opened and Alexia was face to face with Bill. Bill said “here, follow me and be careful not to touch anything.” Bill then led her down the ladder into his basement. Alexia saw the worktable Bill was working at that day and on the worktable was the very same gun/sword Bill brought with him to fight the bandits. No, not fight, massacre the bandits. There was no real fighting; the bandits had no real chance. The blade still shone with its deathly blue-white glow and its barrel was as black as the death it brought and the stock was still the pale ghost white material that she was unfamiliar with. “This weapon is Glacius, the blade is made of an ice that is frozen at absolute zero, the barrel is made of obsidian, and the stock is made of a type of ceramic that is no longer made due to the end of the war. The cradle you see the weapon resting in is a sort of charger to keep the electromagnets used to propel the blade-bullets charged for use up to ten days. It also keeps the freezer charged to keep the ice at absolute zero. Two guns were made, this one and Prometheus, a blade of fire up to one hundred thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The blades are part of a gun series called the W/A bayonet series that used long rifles with blades attached to the barrel undersides. This is some of the lost technology form the true world war, the war that nearly destroyed the world. Knowledge of the events leading up to the war has been lost in a series of book burnings and the destruction of the lost, forbidden technology from the war as well, to prevent the reoccurrence of the war. The end result of the war was the detonation of numerous nuclear missiles, the destruction of which covered nearly all of the earth, but people survived thanks to bomb shelters built all around the world. This winter you see all around is the ‘nuclear winter’ brought on by the war and it is still slightly radioactive, but most people have developed immunities during their time in the womb. I was conceived during the war, and my mother was hit with a massive amount of radiation, the cancer killed her during my birth, but while I was still in her, I was irradiated, but I was able to accept the cancer and instead became more powerful than normal humans. There are many who are like me, and some of us think that we are an evolution; I think we are nothing more than freaks. My father died in the war, he was an air force officer and his jet got shot down during the war. All the technology you see down here and in the tunnels and rums under this village is the forbidden technology that was to be destroyed after the war. I keep it because we need a reminder of our past, of what we are capable of. I also keep it because there is always that one person who will take advantage of peace and strike when everyone is unarmed and abuse his newfound power.” Alexia was in awe of the amazing technology, and of Bill’s past and of the world’s past. When Bill opened a door within the room they were in, Alexia saw a corridor lined with doors that extended to about eighty yards before it had a t-junction at the end. “All of these doors lead to different rooms full of lost technology, some weapons like mine, and some for everyday use that was to be abandoned for the reason that the technology can be reverse-engineered to make weapons. Even with a majority of weapons destroyed on this earth, people still find ways to wage wars for petty reasons. For instance, one man believes in a god different form another man, or two men will wage wars over who has more money or power, or a man will become jealous of another man for his money, power, or his women. Weather people like it or not, someone will develop weapons and use them against others, you see, man is built to make things and fight that which is stronger to survive and progress. Unfortunately, man is usually strongest, which is why man fights man.” said Bill in a sad tone. “If you believe this, then why do you fight for man?” asked Alexia. “I don’t fight for mankind, I fight for people that I trust, my enemies are all who threaten them. This is why I hold this cache, to protect the people I wish to protect, even in case of attacks that are airborne and numbers that overwhelm even me. Fighting for people gives me a reason to exist, if I fought only for myself, I would be nothing but a murderer when I live on in peoples memories, and in the end, murderers are forgotten or hated. If I’m to live on in people’s memories, I wish to be remembered with fondness, as a protector of the innocent. And heroes are remembered forever.” said Bill. “So that’s why you help us. But I still worry about you out there, when you meet another like you with less moral ideals. I’m sorry, I just worry because I care for you.” said Alexia. “You said you care for me, how do you mean?” asked Bill. “I think I love you, but I’m not sure about you, I sense an evil in you when you fight, a sadistic pleasure in slaughtering people.” said Alexia. “That is the animal side, the side the cancer brings out to supplement human intelligence to make me a more perfect warrior. Mankind lost most instinct to gain more intelligence, but the lack of instinct made man weak against himself, so the next ‘evolution’ developed with instinct to better fight mankind. The downfall of my cancer is it causes insanity and violent impulses, if I don’t fulfill the urges, I may lose control around innocent people. But the love you feel for me surprises me, I never felt what it was like being loved, only rejected or accepted. Rejected when people found out what I was or accepted when I hid my unique abilities and was thought to be a human.” said Bill. “Well, I wont tell anyone what you are, but if you get rejected from this town, I’m coming with you, I cant just let you go.” said Alexia “You are able to do such a thing, even though I am the very definition of a monster?” asked Bill. “I don’t care what you are, I will always love you.” said Alexia, she then embraced Bill and kissed him.


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