Wendigo’s Story, part 11

“We may still be able to use his village against him.” said Blitzkrieg “we may be able to tunnel under the town to get to the villagers; I have enough men to do so efficiently.” “You’re right, actually, he’ll never be able to understand why he senses us, but not know where we are. Then we will be able to do what we wish, we can destroy the town, or we can threaten to tell the town what Wendigo really is.” pondered Witch Burner. “But we have to be careful of what we do, if we act incorrectly, he may go into a rage instead, and then problems may occur. What we need is to put him into a state of shock, to incapacitate him emotionally so we can strike him down.” “I think that the only choice then is to destroy the town. Wendigo is not likely to let us threaten him, or even speak to him.” said Blitzkrieg. “But we may have to kill one or two people, a great man once said ‘one death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic.’ What he meant is that the mind becomes numbed with too many deaths and that would make him more likely to go into a rage instead of shock.” “You are right” said Witch Burner, “but we must first find out the proper target. One generally becomes emotionally attached to a person if they spend enough time in one place. We need to send a scout who can play the part of a normal person to live in town and find out for us, in the meantime, start the tunnel; we’re going to need it to get into town to do the job right.”


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