Wendigo’s Story, part 12

He was walking toward the town, memorizing his identity, he was Dan
Tuttle, a traveling merchant who lost his wares to bandits along the road, got injured, and needed a town to stay in. he also remembered to watch out for a man who was about six and a half feet tall, strong, but not body builder sized, had brown hair, green eyes, and if it could be spotted, a blue dot just above his spine. It was supposed to be a mark of the evolved ones. He was also told the man’s hair would be medium length. Apparently, if he could find the man, he was supposed to watch for how certain people reacted, and how he reacted to them. Fortunately, he had an ability that let him sense a person’s feelings, no matter how secret. He could even tell that Blitzkrieg had recently experienced something that changed everything for him, as well as the fact that something big was happening. He kept most of this knowledge to himself for the fact that people didn’t like to know that they had no poker face that worked on him. Coincidentally, he didn’t play poker. He had no seen this “Witch Burner” fellow, but he had a feeling he didn’t want to, he could sort of “feel” where he was and the paths he took, but he was uneasy about the man, he felt there was something inhuman about him. In any case, he still had to follow orders and he had to act as the eyes and ears of Blitzkrieg and find a person close to this “Wendigo”. He was about three miles from town when he suddenly felt a powerful presence, like he felt come from the priest of fire, only this one felt cold, cold as ice itself. “What are your intentions?” asked a voice from right behind him. He looked around in surprise, but he lost track of the location of the cold one, though he still felt his presence. “I asked you a question.” stated the voice. “I am just a traveling merchant.” he lied “If you lie to me again, I will freeze you and see how many blades it takes to kill you while your blood is frozen.” threatened the voice. “Now, I will ask again, what are your intentions?” “I am a scout, sent by the bandits to watch the people in this town to find the person closest to Wendigo.” replied the scout. “Please don’t kill me, I will do as you wish, I know that I could never beat you. Are you the Wendigo that killed Vlad and Dingo and the men that followed them?” “Yes, I must ask though, why do you surrender so willingly?” asked Wendigo. “Other than the fact that I fear for my life? I have been working for the bandits against my will. They killed my family, but saw that I had some use, so he used death threats against however protected me if I escaped.” “Do you even know what you are?” asked Wendigo. “What do you mean?” asked the scout. “Do you ever sense that certain people are different from others? Sense an unusual resonance?” asked Wendigo. “Some people, especially that ‘Witch Burner’ guy, there is something especially inhuman about him, an inhuman fire. I sense it like I sense you and the ice you seem to embody.” replied the scout. “You are of the same sect as I and the priest of fire, but your abilities don’t seem to be nearly as powerful as ours. Perhaps I will protect you if you will help me. You don’t need to be forced to fight for something you don’t believe in.” said Wendigo. “What is your name?” “My real name was lost with my family, but you may call me Guist, for what I am able to sense the emotions of others who are near me.” replied Guist. “I suppose that because of your status with the bandits you were kept in the dark about the details of your mission, but any information on the rest of the bandits would be quite useful.” said Wendigo. “Well, the leader’s name is Blitzkrieg and though he hasn’t said anything, I can tell something big was being planned, and my mission was going to make things easier. I could tell he sent me grudgingly, so it seems that in spite of my status, I was most qualified for this mission.” said Guist. “My last job was his assistant after my predecessor died from a blow to the head with a gold bar, so I have seen changes in him due to recent events, starting with the arrival of Witch Burner. After Witch Burner’s fight with you, I sensed that Blitzkrieg found out something big about himself, like there was more to him than he previously knew about.” said Guist. “Have you been able to sense Blitzkrieg the same way you sense Witch Burner and I, the same ‘inhumanness’?” asked Wendigo. “Yes and no, I feel something in him, but it seems to be dormant, like it needs a trigger.” said Guist. “Unheard of.” said Wendigo, still not visible. “I have never heard of the cancer being dormant, it always seems to either enhance an individual or kill them. I wonder what will trigger it and how it will act. I am still a scientist and so I find this very interesting, if I meet him, I may have to freeze him to perform experiments to better understand this form of cancer. He may be altogether different from us, another ‘evolutionary’ branch off of humanity, like the differences from certain animals that evolved off of the same animals; it may be a slight difference, or an extreme difference. Of course there is no telling if Blitzkrieg will even survive the transformation.” “How come you haven’t allowed me to see you yet? I haven’t seen your face once since this conversation started.” said Guist. “You lied about your family; you are a double agent who speaks some truth, enough to make me believe all that you speak. Unfortunately for you, my senses of falsehood are keen enough to see through your stories. It’s ironic that the man who could see the secrets of others was unable to hide his own secrets.” said Wendigo.


The next day, a villager walking through the woods saw what looked at first like an iced over boulder. When he got closer, he was a man inside with blades all over his body with an expression of horrible agony on his face.


To be honest, when I originally wrote this part, I wasn’t sure wether or not to kill Guist. Then I started to have a bad day, so I took it out on him.


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