Start of fall?

I hope its getting to be cold soon, zed-heads stink a lot less in the winter. It took a few days, but we finally figured out that wierd-ass place we stumbled across. Damn good thing too, especially good thing we had that one science guy. Turns out, we found an old facility of people trying to manufacture something to help against the zombies, however, something happened, and the big monsters turned on them. The building had a built in mechanizm to incinerate everything inside if anything happened, which is why all of the corpses died at the same time. The not so good part of this is the fact that according to a roster of some sort, there were 12 test subjects, we only found 8. Somewhere out there, we have 4 of these big boys, and we decided to make our way to some of nearby settlements, to make sure that their still there.


Does it matter when it is?

Weird as hell thing we found today. It was almost like a freaking hospital, except it was crossed with some kind of ugly labratory. What we found was only a couple of the zed-heads that more seemed to wander in than anything else. We put them down pretty quick. However, the crap we saw there made me feel as if the spine-piece of my armor was turned to ice. What we saw were several rotted corpses, and some of them were huge, and it looked like they died eating what must have been the staff. It must have been the staff because they were wearing doctor coats, but there wasn’t much else to tell after that. What I would like to know is exactly what killed all of these guys, it must have been instant. I have never seen a zombie drop dead…er in the middle of a meal.

Summer’s end, but still too damn hot.

Goddamn bastards hit last night. Thankfully I sleep in my armor, its uncomfortable as hell, but better than being dead. Its the only reason i’m writing in this still, instead of leaving it off at only a couple of entries. We woke up when a couple of guys started screaming, one of them decided to sleep in his normal cloths, got his guts ripped out, he was still screaming when I got to him. Took his head off to put him out of his misery. Nobody should die like that, getting eaten alive. We were in the bus, and somehow they bashed their way in through the door without waking us up. After beheading my own comrade, I began stabbing and hacking at the spines of the undead freaks in the bus. The battle was over in a matter of minutes, if you could call it a battle. It’ll take a few days to scavange the crap to fix the damn door. It took a few hours just to freakin’ wash the dead out of the bus. I don’t know how things are when this thing is read, but you’d think that by now this bus and everything would smell like rot or something. If it does, nobody can smell it by this point, it’s like our sense of smell’s been overloaded, so now most of us can’t smell anything unless its something good, so it isn’t a bad deal. Well, thats it for today.

Still summer, can’t wait for it to end.

Yeah, it feels like a while since i’ve written in this damn thing. I suppose it’s time for an update. Humanity has been getting their shit together a lot easier since zombie assault squads were established. Hell, one town has even managed to restart its freakin’ power plant, only its run by some of those hippies who belive that the earth is everybodies and all that crap. I stopped caring a long time ago. But those guys did get that place to run off of some random plants they grow, so now you get electricity, and you get high. Makes me wonder if I only see the electricity because of the smoke their plants give off. But, its a start, i’m still waiting for a weapons depot to reopen, its time to relive the rennisance again, only now with cooler stuff.

Summer, must be late summer by now.

Well, good news, I actually have some real combat to tell you about today. It was actually kind of fun too. We were searching  just outside of town, hoping to find some natural growing food that survived from a deserted farm, when I started to smell the rot of those freakin’ sons-a-bitches. They were marching at us from what used to be a cornfield. Well, there’s a reason why I said we were an assault squad before. We charged at the mass ahead of us, the shooters sticking to the back, picking off the zed-heads in the rear, while the rest of use took out our axes, swords, and anything else good at smashing stuff and met the front of the mass head on. A couple of the damn things tried to bite and claw me, of course, but thats what we wear thick leather and some makeshift chainmail for. It took us about an hour to finish off the freaks, but that was the most fun I had in a while. Nothing beats the feel of your axe smashing into one of those decaying bodies, cleaving the spine in two, watching the rot spray across your mask. Since most of the idiots got weeded out by now, we were able to win the “battle” without a single loss. When we finished, we gathered up as much of what was edible and growing as we could. It should keep us going for a while. The less we have to stop by the settlements, the better. While it would seem like we could always use every Tom, Dick, and Harry, we usually get only a couple of useful guys from the recruitments, and even then, only one or two survive longer than a few days. Well, thats all for now, its not too late to get a life, as opposed to reading this crap.

Summer, lost track of time.

I don’t know how long it has been since they attacked. All I remember is that those things made their first push on black friday. I don’t like to reminise on those days, in fact, the only reason I started to write in this damn journal at all is because I was told that someday, somebody might want to know what things were like for me. Well, my name is Jack Furrow, and I am the leader of the best damn zombie assault squad that anybody in the U.S. knows of. Though I’m sure that this is just going to end up rotting in the dirt after I get my ass killed, I’ll try to keep this thing updated. Today we made an attack on an old supermarket full of those damn zed-heads, it was pretty much the usual smash and shoot. We lost another idiot, one of those damn adrenaline junkies who think that these things are just like in the movies. I guess he forgot that these bastards only stop moving when you hit them in the spine, not the head. They always seem to expect them to shamble towards them slowly, moaning about brains, and think that one shot to the noggin will take them down for good. I don’t know why, but even after these things lose their heads, or anything else for that matter, they keep crawling at you, trying to rip you apart. And they’re silent sons-of-bitches.  Hell, only the messed up ones’ll shamble at you. The others seem to love waiting in the shadow, just so they can jump on you when you pass by. If that damn kid kept his eyes open and listened to the vets, hey might have just gotten the shit scared out of him. Oh, well, thats all for today, maybe next time I’ll have something more interesting for the bored bastard stuck reading this to pass the time.


Well, since I had recently realized that while a have maybe two stories here that are complete, I’ve decided to ask everybody here to let me know what story they want me to finish, or, if they don’t care about my unfinished stories, what kind of story they want me to start. As I have been getting lazy lately, if I don’t get any answers from anybody, I won’t post anything new until you let me know what you want me to finish/start.