Wendigo’s Story, part 14


Blitzkrieg began searching the rooms for useful items. He had his guards around him to warn if Wendigo had come. As he searched, he saw a peculiar looking box, there were wires sticking out of it and it looked to be made of circuit boards and glass. He opened the box and found a very unusual weapon inside attached to a cradle with wires sticking out of it. The weapon itself had an extremely long and heavy blade that ran along the underside of the barrel that was about three inches in diameter, the stock was made of quartz and the gun had a button instead of a trigger whose face was flush with the side of the stock. The stock itself was built as more of a sword hilt than the stock of a normal weapon and was made of glass that was electric blue in hue. As blitzkrieg picked up the weapon, a strong electric shock went through his body; he then doubled over still holding the weapon. Then he felt something else rushing through his system, like every cell in his body was transforming. He felt weak and in pain, but everything was lighter all of a sudden. As he stumbled into standing, he heard Witch Burner ask him what happened. Blitzkrieg then ordered his men to drag away to base the box that held the weapon. “I already had your men drag away a sufficient bomb, we have no more reason to linger here.” said Witch Burner. They then heard a scream cut short in the hallway. Witch Burner then reacted to parry a blow and suddenly a shower of frozen flames fell to the floor. Blitzkrieg then felt the pull of instinct himself and yanked the weapon he took, surprised at the way the weapon felt lighter to him than it did earlier. As he lifted the weapon to block a blow to his neck his weapon was struck, and he didn’t even see what was trying to hit him. There then was a part of the blade coated with ice which promptly shattered from electricity. Witch Burner then yelled to Blitzkrieg “Go! I’ll hold him off!” Blitzkrieg nodded, and then ran while Witch Burner fought Wendigo. Witch Burner sent a wave of fire down the hall, but it was suddenly frozen in place. The wall of ice then shattered, and Wendigo froze Witch Burner’s non-weapon arm. “What were you thinking, coming into my home, stealing what is mine?! I will ruin you before I kill you!” whispered Wendigo harshly. Witch Burner then tried to fill the hallway with fire, hoping to set off a bomb or something, but the fire stopped short and turned into ice. The ice then shattered toward Witch Burner impaling him in numerous places. He tried to deflect a blow, but then Wendigo grabbed his weapon by the stock and forced it into Witch Burner’s side, as Witch Burner screamed in pain he saw his weapon arm sliced off leaving a thick coat of ice over the stump. His other arm was then struck with the butt of the Glacius and his arm was shattered. Wendigo then took Witch Burner’s weapon, Mephistopheles, out of his now lifeless hand and used it with the Glacius to cut an “X” through Witch Burner’s torso. Witch Burner, miraculously alive still, stared in horror at Wendigo’s anger and screamed “You monster, you are Satan himself!!!” and Wendigo growled “You call me Satan, and yet you murder tens of thousands in the name of your god, you believe a god that, you preach, loves everyone, but wants anyone who doubts him, in any way, dead. I am not Satan; I just protect the people I love.” And with that, Wendigo used the two weapons in a scissor-like action, like they were built for it, and beheaded Witch Burner.


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