Wendigo’s Story, part 15

“Sir, what is our next course of action?” asked one of the surviving bandits. After Blitzkrieg escaped to his HQ, all of the men in the tunnel were slaughtered like they were nothing more than cardboard cutouts. The men managed to collapse the tunnel with some strategically placed explosives that had been set up in case Wendigo attacked. Rumors of what had killed Dingo, Vlad, and their men had spread quickly. The cave-in was the only thing that kept Wendigo from slaughtering the rest of them. The loss of Witch Burner was a severe blow to the moral of the men as well. Blitzkrieg couldn’t answer the bandit, in fact, seconds after the question was posed, Blitzkrieg collapsed into a temporary coma. The bandits rushed to get Blitzkrieg to a bed. The rest moved the bomb and started to study it to figure out how to use it.


Wendigo had a time of cryogenically freezing the body of Witch Burner.  He wanted to study the body and the Ecolith that filled the body.  A normal man or Ecolite would destroy the body in anger of his home being violated, but Wendigo had control over himself.  Wendigo had studied all of the forbidden technology, from nanomachines to nuclear bombs.  He also studied ecolith, he want to know why it affected people in such different ways.  It commonly reacted with a beings base psychology, which is similar to the base operating system of a computer.  That base psychology came from family history. For instance, while Wendigo’s father was a pilot, he originally did wet work for the government, assassination was in his blood.  Witch burner must have come from a long line of evangelists and doomsayers.  This base psychology determined the “powers” a mutant has.  Wendigo wanted to see how this would cause a cancer to do this.  Wendigo rarely had such a fine specimen to study off of, so he had to go to work right away.  Even with the cryogenic freezing process, it was difficult to be able to study the brain well; fortunately, Wendigo had “life support” machines to keep the head itself alive but without the brain being conscious, it was similar to a coma, only controlled and wouldn’t damage the brain. As Wendigo probed the brain, he noticed the trademark pulsation of the ecolith that was what he was looking for, ecolith was always found in the dividing line of the brain, separating the two halves.  He believed that the ecolith helped unite the two halves to increase mental activity and power, and also to better force the whole brain into use to, to allow the use of normally dormant areas of the brain.  The level of the mutant is determined by amount and location of ecolith.  Ecolith does not take the form of tumors; instead, it covers areas and fills cracks and holes like a liquid.  It also “soaks” into the part, integrating itself into whatever.  Low level mutants only have a small amount of ecolith and generally have only limited powers.  High level mutants have strong concentrations of ecolith, usually just in the brain.  Wendigo’s ecolith spread to the brain, to the spine, to most areas of his body.  Because of this, Wendigo was an elite among elites, because his body could keep up with his mind. He could react faster, move faster, aim better, and hit harder.  He never developed any “psychic” powers; instead he developed an intellect far superior to that of others.  He felt that the only way to resolve the conflicts of Ecolites and humans was to understand ecolith.  He also wanted a machine to track ecolith so he did track down Blitzkrieg and get his nuke back.  Blitzkriegs maybe a little slow for an Ecolite, but his men may figure out the nuke.  Wendigo then felt Alexia’s presence of approaching.  Wendigo got up and walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.  Alexia was outside in the hallway. “You don’t want to look into that room” said Wendigo. “Why not?” asked Alexia. “I’m performing post mortem brain surgery to study our link, cancer.” replied Wendigo. “In order to further understand it though, I’m going to have to report my findings to the one man that still lives from the true world war.  He lives in a castle in the mountains far east of here.  It will take me a couple of weeks, but I will be back as soon as I can.  Regardless of the men Blitzkrieg has, it will still take him at least a month and a half to get that nuke figured out and set up.  While you should be safe, I would prefer you in another town just in case. “You know I can’t just leave this town if everyone else might be in danger.  I’m sorry, but I’m going to stay.” said Alexia. “I was afraid you’re going to say that.  In that case, if anything should happen, I want you when everyone else to hide in here.  I worry because I know everyone will have me cast out if they find everything I have down here.  I trust you though.  Please, just try to stay alive for me.” said Wendigo.  They held each other, and then Wendigo went to start packing up for his trip to what was known as England before the war.


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