Wendigo’s Story, part 16

“What happened?” asked Blitzkrieg. He had just woken up from his week-long coma. As he got out of his bed, he nearly tripped over. He instinctively grabbed onto a wooden support and nearly destroyed the support in his grip. He also split an electrical cord running down the support. The electric jolt surprised him and suddenly the jolt jumped from his hand to a wall opposite of him. Blitzkrieg was now curious about this and tried to control the arc. It moved over to the sink, and then to other objects Blitzkrieg focused on. He then tested his strength by lifting the bed. It felt as weightless as a pillow to him. He then saw the weapon he had pulled out of the caverns and picked it up, it had the weight of a broadsword to him. Then Blitzkrieg realized that he could sense the electricity in the blade, a lot of electricity. Blitzkrieg took a practice swing at the cast iron stove, expecting it to just clang. He cut through like it was butter, and not only that, Blitzkrieg saw the electricity between the blade and the stove. He then took a practice shot at the wall. A hole about five feet in diameter appeared with a bang that sounded like a demon’s roar. Instantly, men burst into the room, concerned for their leader’s well-being. Realizing that a push would kill them, Blitzkrieg restrained himself and merely yelled at the men. “Sir, we have not yet figured out the bomb, but we are close sir.” reported one of the peons after his tongue lashing. “Screw the bomb, I want some armor made, strongest and thickest possible, don’t worry about the weight, I can handle it. We are going into town all at once and we are going to kill everything that lives, got it?” said Blitzkrieg.


Wendigo had finally made it to the Eternal Glacier, a very large and grand castle. The man who made it in the time before The Great War still lived in the castle. He was a great scientist before and during the war. After the war, he had to track down Ecolites for his experiments. He only treated the violent Ecolites badly, the cooperative ones were treated with respect and went through the painless experiments. Wendigo was the most cooperative subject and even expressed interest in learning about Ecolith himself. To return the favor for the teachings, he brought his findings to Cold Acid annually. The door was open by the time Wendigo got to the entrance. “Welcome, welcome! I was wondering when your next visit was going to be. So, what have you brought me this time?” greeted Cold Acid. The man was an anomaly of the present world. He rarely acted serious and was always happily manic. In spite of that, he was an extraordinarily skilled swordsman. He was the one who trained Wendigo in swordplay, with the sword of ice Cold Acid gave him. Wendigo would have trouble fighting Cold Acid because he had mechanically augmented himself. He wasn’t as fast as Wendigo, but his uncanny ability to predict an opponents every move made him almost unbeatable. “I also have a present for you after we study your findings!” proclaimed Cold Acid. “Well then, it’s a good thing I have a present for you too then.” said Wendigo. And with that, he pulled Witch Burner’s head out of a box he was holding. “I managed to keep the head intact thanks to the cryogenic freezing process. Maybe we should go inside for this.” said Wendigo. “Of course! Come in, come in!” said Cold Acid. He led the way to his tower that he performed his studies. It was a stereotype of an old mad scientist’s lab, reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein. There were numerous glass pods that contained beings that were humanoid, but had qualities that made them something other than human. Many were cut from a scalpel, other lacerations were from swords. Cold Acid then opened a smaller container designed for body parts, like heads. He put the head into the case and turned to Wendigo. “We have time for study later. I would like to show you a new toy I’ve cooked up!” he said. He then led Wendigo to the weapon room, which was enormous, it held weapons of every type from every era of every material, including weapons he crafted himself. “This is what I’m talking about. Remember that ice gauntlet we had trouble with? The one that if used would be like king Midas’s golden touch? Well, I’ve found a way around that problem! I’m going to set it up to listen to the resonation of your ecolith, so your cancer will allow you to control the strength of the glove! I’ve also installed a nifty little item to it! There is a small sonar blast in the palm of the gauntlet so not only can you freeze things at will, you can shatter it like fine crystal at an opera!” explained Cold Acid. Cold Acid then pulled out an old an old gauntlet with fingertips that ended in long sharp points. Wendigo put it on and it felt like recovering a lost limb, it was so attuned to his cancer. Cold Acid then picked up a log that was lying on the floor and tossed it to Wendigo who deftly caught it in his new glove. “Now try freezing it!” said Cold Acid. Then, like a power that was always there, Wendigo caused ice to form in the cracks and spread until the whole log was filled with ice. Then, Wendigo activated the sonar and the whole log shattered into tiny slivers of ice and splinters. “Amazing, I will defiantly put this to good use. By the way, you remember my bayonet? Well, I found one similar to it, except it was of fire, instead of ice. Do you know anything about it?” asked Wendigo. “Yes, I made it of course, but it was stolen by a fire starter in a wide brimmed hat. He was quite skilled to escape me. Did you kill him? That seems to be the logical way you got Prometheus.” said Cold Acid. “Yes, it was his head that I presented you with. I’m amazed that he escaped you at all. Is there anything about the bayonet you can teach me to more fully utilize it, the way I have with Glacius?” asked Wendigo. “Sure! In fact, the two bayonets were actually built for each other, while they both make good weapons individually, they work best as giant scissors! That requires a much more… expanded training regiment than a normal sword. It will take me a couple of weeks to fully train you. Understand, this is normally an incredibly short time for a human to learn. Fortunately, your Ecolith aids your learning speed. It will still require most of your time here to best train you. As for the research, I trust you have the notes. I’ll study them after you leave. That weapon, Donar, is still with you, isn’t it?” asked Cold Acid. “No, Donar was stolen by the bandits that had employed the Ecolite that stole Prometheus. I was unable to retrieve Donar, or the nuke they stole. They are top priority when I return.” replied Wendigo. “Well then, we should start training right away so you can continue your vigilant watch of your village. Remember, Glacius and Prometheus? Well, the two together are less powerful than Donar, but that glove will give you the edge you need.” said Cold Acid.


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