Wendigo’s Story, part 17

“You are all going to charge into this town and kill anything alive! Your comrades have died fighting this town, died fighting a monster under the guise of a man! But today will be our revenge! So go out and avenge your comrades and take what you will!” Blitzkrieg screamed to his men. It was only two weeks after Blitzkrieg woke from his coma. He had his men outfitted and prepared for battle with their axes, spears, swords, and firearms. Blitzkrieg was clad in an enormous metallic suit made to stop even the largest caliber bullets, even penetration bullets would be useless. Blitzkrieg was also the only person strong enough to wear the suit. It didn’t even slow him down. It weighed over two thousand pounds, and it took more than eight men to get Blitzkrieg into it. After Blitzkrieg’s speech his men charged into the village that Wendigo guarded. With Wendigo gone, the villagers never really stood a chance. Alexia managed to get many people to Wendigo’s cave. She was checking houses when she came upon Blitzkrieg in a home, torturing a man and his wife. Blitzkrieg then turned to look at Alexia. “Maybe you know more about the Wendigo than these people.” Blitzkrieg then guided the electricity from his bayonet and stunned Alexia. When she could talk she said “He is a greater man than you. That is all I will say.” she screamed. Blitzkrieg proceeded to torture Alexia for about half an hour, until she died from electric shock. She did not speak during the torture, only screamed. “She must have known the Wendigo personally, unlike the others. We may be able to use that to our advantage. We can lure him into a trap and get rid of him once and for all.” said Blitzkrieg.


“I bid you fare well. One could not ask for a better student than you. I would ask you to come back if you make any new discoveries!”  Cold Acid told Wendigo as he was leaving. Wendigo was starting his long trek back to his village. He had learned an entirely new fighting technique in only a couple of weeks. Scissor fighting was a very unusual style of fighting, especially with the use of his new gauntlet, which he dubbed Ysmir, after the Norse frost giant. The training was still ringing in his head.


The villagers wandered around Wendigo’s basement and had found out that he had been studying forbidden technology. As the wandered more, they found his secret door to his caverns. As they went from door to door, they found more remnants of the technology from an age the people longed to forget. As the people saw more and more of the arsenal Wendigo had collected, the more fearful the people were of the fact that they had been living above all of the war memorabilia. The villagers ended up agreeing to destroy the caverns and to exile Wendigo when he came back. The men decided that the best way to safely destroy the caverns was to set a small charge in the “roof” of the caves and to evacuate the town. That way, the nukes wouldn’t be activated.


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