Wendigo’s Story, part 18

When Wendigo arrived into town, he thought it was nuked after all. The town itself was gone, and there was just a hole where it had been. “Where is Alexia?!” he asked the villagers. Then the head of the police came up to him and said sadly. “She’s dead. This note was left on her body.” The note read: “I’m the man who killed your woman. I want you to come to the industrial burial grounds so I can finish you off as you did my men. Be there at noon.” The industrial burial grounds was the place where a large military steel factory was used to melt many weapons before it was destroyed during the time that people were eliminating the technology that caused the war. “Bill, I’m sorry to say, but you have been exiled out of this town. We found your arsenal when the bandits attacked. We had to destroy the caverns.” Wendigo was speechless. He had hoped that the villagers would never find out about his arsenal, but evidently they had. Wendigo then left town without saying a word, unable to speak. He then made his way over to the industrial burial grounds. He was going to kill Blitzkrieg and all of the men under him. After all, Blitzkrieg wanted to meet at the grounds anyway, may as well grant him his audience.


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