Wendigo’s Story, part 19

It was almost noon; Blitzkrieg was going to be there soon. Wendigo knew it was a trap, but he had little choice. Besides, he felt it was his duty to finish the protection of the village, instead of leaving them to the mercy of the bandits. Blitzkrieg arrived at the top of an old structure at the end opposite of Wendigo. He was wearing his armor and holding Donar. “I see you came, though this was a most obvious trap. You must be very confident in your skills, or you might be very stupid.” shouted Blitzkrieg. “You are why I have been cast out of town, and the one woman who loved me is dead! But I feel generous today. I will kill you quickly instead of the death I delivered Witch Burner.” Wendigo shouted back. “You killed my men with equal before, so I care not, I now wish to merely repay them and do the job they couldn’t.” replied Blitzkrieg, and with that, he used the charge from his weapon to travel through the steel in the earth and strike at Wendigo. Wendigo jumped back the very instant before a lightning bolt shot out of the earth. He then molted to close the distance between Blitzkrieg and himself. He struck at the armor, only to find that his weapons did little to it. “This armor has been heat treated and layered to the point of invincibility, your weapons could never penetrate it.” laughed Blitzkrieg. He then swung at Wendigo, but missed. Wendigo then used Ysmir to grab the joint on Blitzkrieg’s arm to fill it with ice to expand the cracks in the joint. He then used the sonic pulse to destroy both the ice and the joint. The arm piece then just stayed on Blitzkrieg’s arm loosely, making the movements of his left arm more difficult. Blitzkrieg then made an electric shock around him in the ground, stunning Wendigo for a second. Blitzkrieg tried to use that second to fire his bayonet at Wendigo, but his broken arm piece slowed him down, and he missed as Wendigo bolted to Blitzkrieg’s side. Wendigo then used a scissor movement with his bayonets to neatly snip off Blitzkrieg’s arm that had the loose armor. With all of the nerves in the wound destroyed, Blitzkrieg roared in anger, rather than in pain. He then swung his bayonet towards Wendigo, but Wendigo deftly dodged it. The swing of the weapon caused Blitzkriegs wound to open more, causing more blood to gush out. Wendigo knew he couldn’t just grab the weapon, like on any normal foe, so instead he grabbed the gauntlet and used Ysmir to expand ice into it and destroy it. Blitzkrieg then set out an electric pulse to keep Wendigo at bay. After the pulse, Wendigo then used Prometheus to heat up Blitzkriegs armor. Then he used Glacius to quickly cool down the armor. The sudden temperature changed caused cracks to appear. The armor was still solid, but it was no longer smooth. The smoothness prevented Ysmir’s use on the chest piece because ice couldn’t penetrate it. Now that there were cracks, Ysmir was capable of doing what no normal sword or bullet could do; destroy Blitzkriegs armor. Blitzkrieg sent out another electric pulse, but this one was weaker. The blood loss was getting to him. Wendigo then used Ysmir to destroy Blitzkrieg’s chest piece. Blitzkrieg tried to swing his sword at Wendigo again, but he swung too wide. Wendigo dodged it and used Prometheus to slice off Blitzkriegs hand. Blitzkrieg then let out a roar that shook the trees and all of his bandits came out of hiding and immediately started shooting at Wendigo. The air was filled with bullets and Blitzkrieg forced electricity to flow through them. One shot would stun Wendigo and allow the rest of the bullets to kill him. Wendigo then darted through the bullets toward the gunners. It didn’t take long for him to slice his way through them. He shot at Blitzkrieg afterwards but Blitzkrieg reacted quickly enough to use what was left of his arm piece to deflect the shot. When he lowered his arm, Wendigo was there, staring at him. “You’re fast.” said Blitzkrieg, grinning. “You are an arrogant fool.” stated Wendigo, still staring. “I know your death wont bring Alexia back, or get me accepted by the village again, but your death prevents you or your men from attacking other villages.” And with that, Wendigo shoved Ysmir into Blitzkrieg’s chest and ripped out his heart. He then froze the heart, and shattered it. He then picked up Donar, put it in the sheath Blitzkrieg made, put it on, and walked away. “Maybe I’ll find another village, one that doesn’t know me. It may take a while, but I have all the time in the world.” Wendigo said to himself as he made his way down the road.


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