Summer, must be late summer by now.

Well, good news, I actually have some real combat to tell you about today. It was actually kind of fun too. We were searching  just outside of town, hoping to find some natural growing food that survived from a deserted farm, when I started to smell the rot of those freakin’ sons-a-bitches. They were marching at us from what used to be a cornfield. Well, there’s a reason why I said we were an assault squad before. We charged at the mass ahead of us, the shooters sticking to the back, picking off the zed-heads in the rear, while the rest of use took out our axes, swords, and anything else good at smashing stuff and met the front of the mass head on. A couple of the damn things tried to bite and claw me, of course, but thats what we wear thick leather and some makeshift chainmail for. It took us about an hour to finish off the freaks, but that was the most fun I had in a while. Nothing beats the feel of your axe smashing into one of those decaying bodies, cleaving the spine in two, watching the rot spray across your mask. Since most of the idiots got weeded out by now, we were able to win the “battle” without a single loss. When we finished, we gathered up as much of what was edible and growing as we could. It should keep us going for a while. The less we have to stop by the settlements, the better. While it would seem like we could always use every Tom, Dick, and Harry, we usually get only a couple of useful guys from the recruitments, and even then, only one or two survive longer than a few days. Well, thats all for now, its not too late to get a life, as opposed to reading this crap.


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