Summer’s end, but still too damn hot.

Goddamn bastards hit last night. Thankfully I sleep in my armor, its uncomfortable as hell, but better than being dead. Its the only reason i’m writing in this still, instead of leaving it off at only a couple of entries. We woke up when a couple of guys started screaming, one of them decided to sleep in his normal cloths, got his guts ripped out, he was still screaming when I got to him. Took his head off to put him out of his misery. Nobody should die like that, getting eaten alive. We were in the bus, and somehow they bashed their way in through the door without waking us up. After beheading my own comrade, I began stabbing and hacking at the spines of the undead freaks in the bus. The battle was over in a matter of minutes, if you could call it a battle. It’ll take a few days to scavange the crap to fix the damn door. It took a few hours just to freakin’ wash the dead out of the bus. I don’t know how things are when this thing is read, but you’d think that by now this bus and everything would smell like rot or something. If it does, nobody can smell it by this point, it’s like our sense of smell’s been overloaded, so now most of us can’t smell anything unless its something good, so it isn’t a bad deal. Well, thats it for today.


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