Start of fall?

I hope its getting to be cold soon, zed-heads stink a lot less in the winter. It took a few days, but we finally figured out that wierd-ass place we stumbled across. Damn good thing too, especially good thing we had that one science guy. Turns out, we found an old facility of people trying to manufacture something to help against the zombies, however, something happened, and the big monsters turned on them. The building had a built in mechanizm to incinerate everything inside if anything happened, which is why all of the corpses died at the same time. The not so good part of this is the fact that according to a roster of some sort, there were 12 test subjects, we only found 8. Somewhere out there, we have 4 of these big boys, and we decided to make our way to some of nearby settlements, to make sure that their still there.


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