Bad day

We got to the nearest settlement, or what was left of it. The place looked liked it was ambushed by a pack of rabid bears. Everything was destroyed, smashed into splinters, and anything metal was either ripped, or bent completely out of shape. There were no complete bodies, but I saw plenty of torn limbs, of all shapes and sizes. What struck me the hardest was the sight of half of a child’s arm, split down the middle. There was blood splashed over everything, looking like rust on the steel. The thing that made this the worst though was that this was an outpost designed to keep things out, the kind of settlement that had guard shifts around the clock, and they were well equipped with assault rifles and hunting rifles. I know this because their guns were left on the ground with the bullets spent. I have no clue how the hell we’re going to kill these beasts, but I do know one thing, fire killed most of them, so we have an idea on how to at least slow them down.


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