The Silent War, part 7

“All right men! The council has finally decided on a counter-attack against The Order, and we’re the ones who get to track them down. These sons-of-whores have made a very bad mistake, and that is killing our leaders, and letting us know it was them. I want the green soldiers up front, scouting for tracks, and for every time you lead us astray, you will earn a scar. And those of us behind you will know if you’ve messed up, so don’t even think of trying to fool anyone. It’s time to head on out.” shouted the burly man wearing camouflage and face paint. The force was about half of the rookies and veterans that made up the camp. After the short speech, they headed into the forest, the rookies inspecting everything they saw while keeping a pace for the rest of the group. While they focused on the ground immediately in front of them, none of them could have seen the Upierci working on making every clue The Order left behind just obvious enough to be spotted without making it look like it had been planted. There was going to be a massacre that night, and the Upierci would be able to feast once again.


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