I have come back and put more writing on my site here

I now have (at least a couple of) stories set up as their own separate pages. Later on, I plan on fixing things and setting all of my writing as their own individual pages. In the meantime, you can enjoy Red Snow and The Seeker’s Journal by clicking their names at the top of the page. I am also going to have to see about making the colors work better without being taxing on the eyes.


I have returned

Though it is only temporarily to be honest. I apologize to everybody for the fact that I have neglected the site for so long. Due to the fact that I had gotten a new job and started classes, it has made it very difficult to keep the site updated. However, I have learned better writing techniques and will soon begin a new story onto here and I’ll update it when I can. If there is any particular subject that you want for the writing, just let me know or post it in the comments, and I’ll do my best to spin a tale around it. I just can’t promise that the story would be anything less then violent.

Here I am again.

I once again have writer’s block on all but one of my stories. That one story is going to be waiting because I have special plans for it. I’m sorry for my blog being so sporatic, but seeing has I don’t have much of a following that I can tell, I doubt that it’s that much of a problem. If anybody has any ideas to help with my writing, or any particular story they want me to focus on, let me know either in emails or in the comments section. As for this new story, i’m keeping it under wraps until it’s ready.


Sorry, faithful readers, for neglecting my site for so long. Combonation of writers block, and lack of ambition. Tomorrow, I’ll put up part of a story that I had started a while ago. Any comments on my writing is greatly appreciated.

Random poem, probably best not to ask.

Broken steel, and slaughtered flesh,

Smell of rot, yet corpse is fresh,

Blood stains the ground, and screams are near,

There’s something out there you must fear.


Beast with eyes like broken glass,

Prophesy has come to pass.

Beast serves him with several names,

Must banish it from whence it came.


Sword of blood and axe of pain,

Tools of hell he must obtain.

Holy men have stood no chance,

This man’s choice was happenstance.

When the beast lies, crushed and dead,

A new hell forms in his stead.


You may wonder how I know,

That we shall reap what we will sow.

Now this vision you will share,

For when the world ends, I’ll be there.


Well, since I had recently realized that while a have maybe two stories here that are complete, I’ve decided to ask everybody here to let me know what story they want me to finish, or, if they don’t care about my unfinished stories, what kind of story they want me to start. As I have been getting lazy lately, if I don’t get any answers from anybody, I won’t post anything new until you let me know what you want me to finish/start.

Wendigo’s Story, part 5

The guards didn’t give Vlad as much trouble as he anticipated, turns out the ammo was always too scarce as criminals would often use it all before getting themselves killed, and the lack of ammo also meant that there was very little training for the guards. The guards did put up a bit of a fight, though their heavy armor slowed them down and wore them out to quickly for them to continuing for long, and swords didn’t quite have the range the bandits rifles did. Of course, the guards wouldn’t say anything, not at first. Their jaws became much looser after three of them were impaled though. Vlad was using the old style of impalement too, a stick rounded as to avoid puncturing organs shoved through the rectum until it pierced the chest. Vlad was about to stab one man’s eyes with a needle when one of the guards confessed the location of the loot from Dingo’s bandit party, along with the location of weapons and supplies. When further pressed for information on the location of Dingo, the guard only repeated what was on the report, a bloody mess of body parts that used to be bandits. From the sounds of it, it took a couple of days to clean up the mess. Vlad was about to continue the torture when he noticed one of his men had stopped moving, when he looked at him directly, the man’s head fell off, and a thin sheet of ice started to melt as hot blood started to bubble through. He turned to start shouting orders when he saw another of his men stop moving, then the limbs of the man fell off and his torso fell into the snow in a bloody pile. Vlad’s men started to shoot at random shadows in hopes of killing whatever was slaughtering their comrades. Then, after another man was disemboweled, Vlad pulled his gun out of its holster and pointed it at the head of the guard he was torturing and shouted out “I see that the report was true! Now I want you to show yourself before I shoot this man in the head so that we may have a fair fight! Or do you not care what happens to these people? I guess we’ll find out, 1… 2… 3!) The guard had closed his eyes and when he heard the shot he fell to the ground thinking he had died, he then opened his eyes and saw Vlad with a stump where his had used to be and the gun lying in pieces on the ground. Wedged in the barrel of the gun was some ice. It was a good thing the guard had closed his eyes, as if he kept them open he would probably have been blinded by shrapnel from the gun backfiring. “Bastard!” Vlad tried to shout out. As he sat up, bleeding to death he saw his men getting slaughtered one by one, each way more horrible than the last one, some were disemboweled, some beheaded, some sliced straight down the middle None of the bandits made it out alive, and Vlad was the last. Suddenly he felt his back go numb, then the rest of his body. He looked down and he saw his remaining impalement rods sticking out of his chest. The guard that was saved before he lost his eyes was able to use them to see his tormenter’s back sliced open down the spine with ice on the edges of the skin and spikes sticking through Vlad.