Part 3.

 The baron had had a pleasant morning, seeing as how he had awoken next to his smart and beautiful wife, had a delicious meal of chicken and fruits that would be a holiday feast for a full family in the town he had under his rule. So, imagine how much it spoiled his good mood and cheer of a lovely day that had been started, when a man, who was speaking absolute gibberish, was dragged in to his throne room by his guards, and had revealed to him the treachery that would repay the kindness he had given to the royal family of the Dutchards by way of many soldiers and weapons. “What is this, which is being dragged into my court chambers?” asked the baron. “Sir, it is a foot-soldier of the Dutchards, and he is carrying plans of attack against the Augustine’s after the Vlasire’s have been dealt with.” replied the guard captain who had dragged in the gibbering lunatic. “Any idea why a man like this would be carrying such important plans?” asked the baron, who had been more observant than he had looked, considering how he had looked more like a particularly rotund jester dressed in fancy garbs. “We think that the man had been bitten by a rabid animal whilst in the forest. He may have been a messenger meaning to relay the plans sir.” answered the calculating guard. If the plans were to be believed, then that would mean that King Augustine would have to know that his men were most likely being used as cannon fodder to weaken his forces to make a takeover easier once king Vlasire had been dethroned. “Send our fastest messenger to his highness king Augustine informing him of the plans. Also, send orders to all of our commanders to be wary of the men they are fighting with, this may also be a trick, though it does seem to fit the type of plans that that bastard Dutchard would have for us once we have removed Vlasire.” ordered the baron. “Then it will be done sir.” replied the guard. “One more thing sir, what of the man we bring? He is obviously of no help information-wise except for what he brings on him.” Asked the guard. “Hang him, if he is indeed working for a traitor, he deserves nothing other than an execution, if he is an innocent in a trick, his death will be a mercy instead of having him live as a madman.” answered the baron, who had obviously deserved his seat of power due to his decision making skills and leadership, and not just because he had been born to the right family.


Part 2.

In the morning, the man had woken up, and immediately found it strange that none of the other men had awaken yet, and that it was midday as well. He wrote it off as nothing and drank from the ale he had next to him. It was warm and a little stale, but it seemed to do the job, it made him feel better, lighter. He then walked out of the tent, and was immediately struck with the horrible strange silence around him, not even the chirp of a bird could be heard. The man, deciding that his duty was to wake up his commander, walked over to the large tent with the shield next to the flap, and lifted up the coarse cloth, and saw what had at first looked like nothing out of the ordinary. He then walked up to his commander and noticed the red blood spread out around his neck, staining the ground. The man then started to panic, and rushed from tent to tent, only to find all the men, dead, looking more like they had been sleeping, but now not a single snore would ever be issued from them ever again. It was then that the man had realized that he was all alone, and that he had alone been spared from death. What the man did not realize was that he was slowly becoming less and less coherent in both thought and speech, and that he was carrying what would be a death sentence with him in his pocket, and the nearest civilization was the allies he was apparently going to backstab according to the paper in his pocket. And even if he had the guile and silver tongue necessary to talk himself out of a hanging, it had been dulled and distorted beyond all recognition and help by the a strange drug that he had drunk with the ale he hadn’t even thought twice about.

Part 1

The group was hidden in the trees, watching the enemy as their men laughed and joked around the fires, drinking ale and some of them sleeping in their tents. They had laughed because of how easy it was for them to take the town, how the people had run from their horses and steel and arrows. What they didn’t pay any attention to was the relatively small number of people who were in the town, and how confused the people in the town were at the sight of the familiar sword and gryphon coat of arms worn by the men terrorizing them. The men didn’t worry about it, as they had been told by an informant that the town was a “soldier’ town, filled with mostly the men they had been fighting for a good month now. Now, the men that they had been fighting were watching them from the trees, wearing dark leather to help them blend in with the trees and the night around them. After the men had all gone to sleep, leaving the camp quiet as death, the men that had hid in the woods, silently watching, as still as the trees themselves, crept into the camp, silent, not a single rustling of a leaf, and ducked into the tents, and silently killed the men, one by one, a swift slice of the throat, while gagging the men. Many of the men had not even woken at the feel of the dirty cloth at their mouths, due to the large amount of ale they had drunk that night. When they got to the last tent, instead of killing the man, they had carefully left detailed battle plans, all aimed at them attacking their allies. Before the men left, silent as ghosts, they had placed a mug of ale, and laced it with a strange dark powder.


Sorry, faithful readers, for neglecting my site for so long. Combonation of writers block, and lack of ambition. Tomorrow, I’ll put up part of a story that I had started a while ago. Any comments on my writing is greatly appreciated.

Random poem, probably best not to ask.

Broken steel, and slaughtered flesh,

Smell of rot, yet corpse is fresh,

Blood stains the ground, and screams are near,

There’s something out there you must fear.


Beast with eyes like broken glass,

Prophesy has come to pass.

Beast serves him with several names,

Must banish it from whence it came.


Sword of blood and axe of pain,

Tools of hell he must obtain.

Holy men have stood no chance,

This man’s choice was happenstance.

When the beast lies, crushed and dead,

A new hell forms in his stead.


You may wonder how I know,

That we shall reap what we will sow.

Now this vision you will share,

For when the world ends, I’ll be there.

Bad day

We got to the nearest settlement, or what was left of it. The place looked liked it was ambushed by a pack of rabid bears. Everything was destroyed, smashed into splinters, and anything metal was either ripped, or bent completely out of shape. There were no complete bodies, but I saw plenty of torn limbs, of all shapes and sizes. What struck me the hardest was the sight of half of a child’s arm, split down the middle. There was blood splashed over everything, looking like rust on the steel. The thing that made this the worst though was that this was an outpost designed to keep things out, the kind of settlement that had guard shifts around the clock, and they were well equipped with assault rifles and hunting rifles. I know this because their guns were left on the ground with the bullets spent. I have no clue how the hell we’re going to kill these beasts, but I do know one thing, fire killed most of them, so we have an idea on how to at least slow them down.

Start of fall?

I hope its getting to be cold soon, zed-heads stink a lot less in the winter. It took a few days, but we finally figured out that wierd-ass place we stumbled across. Damn good thing too, especially good thing we had that one science guy. Turns out, we found an old facility of people trying to manufacture something to help against the zombies, however, something happened, and the big monsters turned on them. The building had a built in mechanizm to incinerate everything inside if anything happened, which is why all of the corpses died at the same time. The not so good part of this is the fact that according to a roster of some sort, there were 12 test subjects, we only found 8. Somewhere out there, we have 4 of these big boys, and we decided to make our way to some of nearby settlements, to make sure that their still there.