Wendigo’s Story, part 12

He was walking toward the town, memorizing his identity, he was Dan
Tuttle, a traveling merchant who lost his wares to bandits along the road, got injured, and needed a town to stay in. he also remembered to watch out for a man who was about six and a half feet tall, strong, but not body builder sized, had brown hair, green eyes, and if it could be spotted, a blue dot just above his spine. It was supposed to be a mark of the evolved ones. He was also told the man’s hair would be medium length. Apparently, if he could find the man, he was supposed to watch for how certain people reacted, and how he reacted to them. Fortunately, he had an ability that let him sense a person’s feelings, no matter how secret. He could even tell that Blitzkrieg had recently experienced something that changed everything for him, as well as the fact that something big was happening. He kept most of this knowledge to himself for the fact that people didn’t like to know that they had no poker face that worked on him. Coincidentally, he didn’t play poker. He had no seen this “Witch Burner” fellow, but he had a feeling he didn’t want to, he could sort of “feel” where he was and the paths he took, but he was uneasy about the man, he felt there was something inhuman about him. In any case, he still had to follow orders and he had to act as the eyes and ears of Blitzkrieg and find a person close to this “Wendigo”. He was about three miles from town when he suddenly felt a powerful presence, like he felt come from the priest of fire, only this one felt cold, cold as ice itself. “What are your intentions?” asked a voice from right behind him. He looked around in surprise, but he lost track of the location of the cold one, though he still felt his presence. “I asked you a question.” stated the voice. “I am just a traveling merchant.” he lied “If you lie to me again, I will freeze you and see how many blades it takes to kill you while your blood is frozen.” threatened the voice. “Now, I will ask again, what are your intentions?” “I am a scout, sent by the bandits to watch the people in this town to find the person closest to Wendigo.” replied the scout. “Please don’t kill me, I will do as you wish, I know that I could never beat you. Are you the Wendigo that killed Vlad and Dingo and the men that followed them?” “Yes, I must ask though, why do you surrender so willingly?” asked Wendigo. “Other than the fact that I fear for my life? I have been working for the bandits against my will. They killed my family, but saw that I had some use, so he used death threats against however protected me if I escaped.” “Do you even know what you are?” asked Wendigo. “What do you mean?” asked the scout. “Do you ever sense that certain people are different from others? Sense an unusual resonance?” asked Wendigo. “Some people, especially that ‘Witch Burner’ guy, there is something especially inhuman about him, an inhuman fire. I sense it like I sense you and the ice you seem to embody.” replied the scout. “You are of the same sect as I and the priest of fire, but your abilities don’t seem to be nearly as powerful as ours. Perhaps I will protect you if you will help me. You don’t need to be forced to fight for something you don’t believe in.” said Wendigo. “What is your name?” “My real name was lost with my family, but you may call me Guist, for what I am able to sense the emotions of others who are near me.” replied Guist. “I suppose that because of your status with the bandits you were kept in the dark about the details of your mission, but any information on the rest of the bandits would be quite useful.” said Wendigo. “Well, the leader’s name is Blitzkrieg and though he hasn’t said anything, I can tell something big was being planned, and my mission was going to make things easier. I could tell he sent me grudgingly, so it seems that in spite of my status, I was most qualified for this mission.” said Guist. “My last job was his assistant after my predecessor died from a blow to the head with a gold bar, so I have seen changes in him due to recent events, starting with the arrival of Witch Burner. After Witch Burner’s fight with you, I sensed that Blitzkrieg found out something big about himself, like there was more to him than he previously knew about.” said Guist. “Have you been able to sense Blitzkrieg the same way you sense Witch Burner and I, the same ‘inhumanness’?” asked Wendigo. “Yes and no, I feel something in him, but it seems to be dormant, like it needs a trigger.” said Guist. “Unheard of.” said Wendigo, still not visible. “I have never heard of the cancer being dormant, it always seems to either enhance an individual or kill them. I wonder what will trigger it and how it will act. I am still a scientist and so I find this very interesting, if I meet him, I may have to freeze him to perform experiments to better understand this form of cancer. He may be altogether different from us, another ‘evolutionary’ branch off of humanity, like the differences from certain animals that evolved off of the same animals; it may be a slight difference, or an extreme difference. Of course there is no telling if Blitzkrieg will even survive the transformation.” “How come you haven’t allowed me to see you yet? I haven’t seen your face once since this conversation started.” said Guist. “You lied about your family; you are a double agent who speaks some truth, enough to make me believe all that you speak. Unfortunately for you, my senses of falsehood are keen enough to see through your stories. It’s ironic that the man who could see the secrets of others was unable to hide his own secrets.” said Wendigo.


The next day, a villager walking through the woods saw what looked at first like an iced over boulder. When he got closer, he was a man inside with blades all over his body with an expression of horrible agony on his face.


To be honest, when I originally wrote this part, I wasn’t sure wether or not to kill Guist. Then I started to have a bad day, so I took it out on him.


Wendigo’s Story, part 11

“We may still be able to use his village against him.” said Blitzkrieg “we may be able to tunnel under the town to get to the villagers; I have enough men to do so efficiently.” “You’re right, actually, he’ll never be able to understand why he senses us, but not know where we are. Then we will be able to do what we wish, we can destroy the town, or we can threaten to tell the town what Wendigo really is.” pondered Witch Burner. “But we have to be careful of what we do, if we act incorrectly, he may go into a rage instead, and then problems may occur. What we need is to put him into a state of shock, to incapacitate him emotionally so we can strike him down.” “I think that the only choice then is to destroy the town. Wendigo is not likely to let us threaten him, or even speak to him.” said Blitzkrieg. “But we may have to kill one or two people, a great man once said ‘one death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic.’ What he meant is that the mind becomes numbed with too many deaths and that would make him more likely to go into a rage instead of shock.” “You are right” said Witch Burner, “but we must first find out the proper target. One generally becomes emotionally attached to a person if they spend enough time in one place. We need to send a scout who can play the part of a normal person to live in town and find out for us, in the meantime, start the tunnel; we’re going to need it to get into town to do the job right.”

Wendigo’s Story, part 10

When she saw Bill come back into town dragging a deer on a makeshift sled, Alexia ran and hugged Bill. Bill was surprised and it took him a second to hug back, he wasn’t used to affection. Alexia then whispered to Bill “I was so worried about you because I never know what you are really after when you go out into the woods.” Bill then said to her “Relax, all you need to know is that I will protect this village and keep the children’s bellies full when I can.” “You don’t understand. I worry about you, I care for you and don’t want you to get hurt.” said alexia. “I don’t want you or anyone else in town hurt either, so I must protect this town against threats. But if people found out what I am, I may never be accepted into this town again. It is a difficult struggle for me, but it is all worth it.” said Bill. “Maybe if I show you later what I have at my disposal I will be able to put your mind at rest. I will give you a look, and a history lesson that may explain things that few understand, that few still know. Then you will understand what I actually am and why I am, and the reason that little have touched this town violently. Come to my place tonight so I can lay your mind to rest on my whereabouts.”


That night, Alexia snuck off to Bills home. She knocked on the door and discovered the door was unlocked when Bill didn’t answer. She let herself in and saw Bill wasn’t in the normal part of the house, so she went to the trap door she saw when the bandits attacked. She knocked on the trap door and a couple of minutes later the trap door opened and Alexia was face to face with Bill. Bill said “here, follow me and be careful not to touch anything.” Bill then led her down the ladder into his basement. Alexia saw the worktable Bill was working at that day and on the worktable was the very same gun/sword Bill brought with him to fight the bandits. No, not fight, massacre the bandits. There was no real fighting; the bandits had no real chance. The blade still shone with its deathly blue-white glow and its barrel was as black as the death it brought and the stock was still the pale ghost white material that she was unfamiliar with. “This weapon is Glacius, the blade is made of an ice that is frozen at absolute zero, the barrel is made of obsidian, and the stock is made of a type of ceramic that is no longer made due to the end of the war. The cradle you see the weapon resting in is a sort of charger to keep the electromagnets used to propel the blade-bullets charged for use up to ten days. It also keeps the freezer charged to keep the ice at absolute zero. Two guns were made, this one and Prometheus, a blade of fire up to one hundred thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The blades are part of a gun series called the W/A bayonet series that used long rifles with blades attached to the barrel undersides. This is some of the lost technology form the true world war, the war that nearly destroyed the world. Knowledge of the events leading up to the war has been lost in a series of book burnings and the destruction of the lost, forbidden technology from the war as well, to prevent the reoccurrence of the war. The end result of the war was the detonation of numerous nuclear missiles, the destruction of which covered nearly all of the earth, but people survived thanks to bomb shelters built all around the world. This winter you see all around is the ‘nuclear winter’ brought on by the war and it is still slightly radioactive, but most people have developed immunities during their time in the womb. I was conceived during the war, and my mother was hit with a massive amount of radiation, the cancer killed her during my birth, but while I was still in her, I was irradiated, but I was able to accept the cancer and instead became more powerful than normal humans. There are many who are like me, and some of us think that we are an evolution; I think we are nothing more than freaks. My father died in the war, he was an air force officer and his jet got shot down during the war. All the technology you see down here and in the tunnels and rums under this village is the forbidden technology that was to be destroyed after the war. I keep it because we need a reminder of our past, of what we are capable of. I also keep it because there is always that one person who will take advantage of peace and strike when everyone is unarmed and abuse his newfound power.” Alexia was in awe of the amazing technology, and of Bill’s past and of the world’s past. When Bill opened a door within the room they were in, Alexia saw a corridor lined with doors that extended to about eighty yards before it had a t-junction at the end. “All of these doors lead to different rooms full of lost technology, some weapons like mine, and some for everyday use that was to be abandoned for the reason that the technology can be reverse-engineered to make weapons. Even with a majority of weapons destroyed on this earth, people still find ways to wage wars for petty reasons. For instance, one man believes in a god different form another man, or two men will wage wars over who has more money or power, or a man will become jealous of another man for his money, power, or his women. Weather people like it or not, someone will develop weapons and use them against others, you see, man is built to make things and fight that which is stronger to survive and progress. Unfortunately, man is usually strongest, which is why man fights man.” said Bill in a sad tone. “If you believe this, then why do you fight for man?” asked Alexia. “I don’t fight for mankind, I fight for people that I trust, my enemies are all who threaten them. This is why I hold this cache, to protect the people I wish to protect, even in case of attacks that are airborne and numbers that overwhelm even me. Fighting for people gives me a reason to exist, if I fought only for myself, I would be nothing but a murderer when I live on in peoples memories, and in the end, murderers are forgotten or hated. If I’m to live on in people’s memories, I wish to be remembered with fondness, as a protector of the innocent. And heroes are remembered forever.” said Bill. “So that’s why you help us. But I still worry about you out there, when you meet another like you with less moral ideals. I’m sorry, I just worry because I care for you.” said Alexia. “You said you care for me, how do you mean?” asked Bill. “I think I love you, but I’m not sure about you, I sense an evil in you when you fight, a sadistic pleasure in slaughtering people.” said Alexia. “That is the animal side, the side the cancer brings out to supplement human intelligence to make me a more perfect warrior. Mankind lost most instinct to gain more intelligence, but the lack of instinct made man weak against himself, so the next ‘evolution’ developed with instinct to better fight mankind. The downfall of my cancer is it causes insanity and violent impulses, if I don’t fulfill the urges, I may lose control around innocent people. But the love you feel for me surprises me, I never felt what it was like being loved, only rejected or accepted. Rejected when people found out what I was or accepted when I hid my unique abilities and was thought to be a human.” said Bill. “Well, I wont tell anyone what you are, but if you get rejected from this town, I’m coming with you, I cant just let you go.” said Alexia “You are able to do such a thing, even though I am the very definition of a monster?” asked Bill. “I don’t care what you are, I will always love you.” said Alexia, she then embraced Bill and kissed him.

Wendigo’s Story, part 9

When Witch Burner arrived, Blitzkrieg greeted him “I’m amazed, I’ve had two good men and their groups killed by that bastard creature Wendigo.” “Wendigo still lives, I was unable to kill him, he was too good, and he got my shooting arm.” growled Witch Burner. “He lives… I’m still amazed that you came back at all, did you see his face?” asked Blitzkrieg. “Yes, I saw his face, though together we may be able to defeat him, for you and I are of a new evolution god has sent to remove the humans.” said Witch Burner. “I wish to help you to become your full potential, and then the world will belong to us.” “How do you know I am one of you? Of your ‘evolution’?” asked Blitzkrieg. “I feel a resonance from you, we all have it, but you may have ignored the feeling, dismissing it as your imagination. You see, that resonance is our cancer that became a part of us, that we accepted, instead of rejecting it. I can feel it, your resonance is quite irregular though, so you are not as powerful as I am. Wendigo’s resonance though is more regular than clockwork, and he can use it to throw off our senses. We may not be able to defeat him one against one, but together we may be able to defeat him. Now I must train you, otherwise Wendigo may attack us and if we are unprepared, we would have no chance.” “How bad do you actually think the defense of this place is?” Blitzkrieg asked rhetorically. “Have you already forgotten how I came to you your men are nothing to me, how do you think Wendigo will see them? I heard from the police reports that Wendigo not only decimated your men on their raid of the village, but also no one at all, of the people there, saw him.” Witch Burner said “but another course of action just went through my mind… people like us aren’t always accepted into communities, maybe as leaders like you, or mercenaries or priests like me, but never as normal people, and he didn’t talk like the villagers know much about him.” “Are you saying we should use his home against him? Threaten him that we will alert the village to what he is?” asked blitzkrieg. “no, I’m not sure how we would be able to get near the village and he may try to kill us on sight. You cant handle him at all, you cant even sense us well yet, and I can’t do much myself, seeing as he can just disable me like he did. But we must kill him, if we leave him alone, he will only get stronger and he may decide to destroy us in order to save the human race from us ‘freaks’.” said Witch Burner. ”what do you propose we do then?” “Nothing for now, except train you and whatever you do, don’t send anymore of your men after him. That would only help him grow stronger. Also, we need to find more men like us, only if we have enough people like us will we destroy him.” said Witch Burner.

Wendigo’s Story, part 8

She was confused them what to do, Alexia had a crush on Bill, but was startled by his violent side.  It was a strange feeling, standing by the man that saved the town, who was praised and being the only person to know it.  She simultaneously wanted to tell everyone, but didn’t want any of them to know.  She knew that if everyone knew, Bill would most likely be exiled.  Now only for his savagery, but also his use of technology that had been banned, forbidden.  She knew he fought for good, but she felt the evil when she saw the result of him dealing with the bandits, and she feared that evil.  She now worried because he had left the hunt once again.  And she didn’t know what he was hunting.


As he was sneaking through the woods, he had a feeling that an enemy was coming, one that was like him, and they weren’t after the village.


Witch Burner was in the road and he sensed the Wendigo hunting for him. He knew that they were of a new sect of the human race. “I can feel you out there Wendigo, can you feel me?” shouted Witch Burner, “let’s cast away the shadow tactics and meet face-to-face.” “Why should I reveal myself to you?” shouted Wendigo from the woods.  Witch Burner then exploded a tree he believed to be hiding the Wendigo. “Your aim is off by about 10 feet.” Shouted Wendigo, who then stepped out from behind a tree a few feet closer to Witch Burner.  Then, instantly, the spot Wendigo stood was replaced with a pillar of fire, and Wendigo suddenly stood inches from Witch Burner, with the point of his ice blade at Witch Burners throat.  Immediately reacting, Witch Burner knocked the sword away with his own blade and as ice met fire, numerous frozen flames fell to the ground.  Witch Burner then knew that even though they were of the same link of the evolutionary chain, Wendigo was of a whole new echelon, for to get past his guard with such ease, Wendigo must be an elite among elites. “What are you after me for?” shouted Wendigo “I can feel that I am your target, and not the village.” “I am here searching for others like us, a new species, the next evolution.  We need to group together and destroy this plague known as humanity” cried Witch Burner. “You forget that it is the folly of man that created us, we’re nothing more than genetic mistakes from a nuclear war that froze the planet!” shouted Wendigo. “I answered your question, now I have a question of my own, why do you protect this village?  Why, in spite of your power, do you work is a mere guard dog for this town?  With your power, you could rule countries with no resistance!  God gave you a gift, and you don’t even use it to its full ability!” “You call it a gift from god, yet I can feel the evil inside me when I use it, when I feel my sword cut into my foes, when I feel a bullet buried itself in the head of my enemy, when I rend their flesh to protect this village.  I act as a guard dog because they took me in when I had no identity and I wished to repay them by using this evil to protect them.  Though I must ask one more question, if you love your god and preach his word, why aid bandits?” “The leader of the bandits is one of us, though he doesn’t realize it.  He at least aspires as I do and I wish to help him develop to the potential god has bestowed upon him, but since you seem intent on preventing this, I have no choice to eliminate you, though I loath to slay one such as I.”  Witch Burner then created a cylinder of fire that radiated out from him.  After the fire radiated out past Wendigo, Witch Burner saw a dome of frozen fire, which promptly shattered and Witch Burner parried an attack purely by instinct. He then reacted by breathing fire in every direction, parrying blows, feeling that cold breath of the Glacius blade inches from his vital areas, seeing the frozen flames as they scattered and fell to the forest floor.  Witch Burner couldn’t believe this speed Wendigo’s moving, and then, he felt something penetrate his shoulder, Wendigo had shot him in his weapon shoulder and Witch Burner hadn’t even sensed Wendigo step back into shooting range! “I didn’t think you’d be able to sense an attack on a non-vital spot.” Wendigo called, mocking Witch Burner, who just gritted his teeth and glared.  He was outclassed.  Witch Burner then took the only escape he could think of, he immediately surrounded the area with fire and ran.  Wendigo knew he could have easily stopped him, but he needed to stop the blaze in the forest, otherwise it may spread to the village, besides, he found an adversary that may be make an entertaining fight… if he gets stronger and learns his lesson.

Wendigo’s Story, part 7

“Sir, the report says there was a bandit attack on the town Vlad was sent to, but the bandits were annihilated by an unseen force.” The peon announcing this was shaking in his boots, he just knew he would be punished for announcing Vlad’s failure.  Blitzkrieg roared at this announcement and asked rhetorically how this was possible.  He then grabbed a gold bar and slammed into the side of the peon’s head, caving the skull in and the peon collapsed into a lifeless heap.  After stomping and the body for about 15 minutes, blitzkrieg calmed down, demanded another peon to come in and demanded that an investigation commence to find out if there was an information leakage, and also demanded an expert be sent out to find this so called Wendigo.  He then demanded a slice of cake be sent to his room.


Two days later, a man walked into Blitzkrieg’s room, the charred corpse of his bodyguard tossed aside. ” You need to teach your men some manners.” Said the man dressed like an evangelist.”  “You must be…” “Witch Burner.” The evangelist finished. “I assume you came to the bounty on this ‘Wendigo’.” “I cleanse the impure souls of man and monster alike, fire is the most efficient method I found.” replied Witch Burner. “Your puzzlement is quite apparent, I shall explain myself, you see, God has blessed me with the ability to excite molecules to the point of burning with just a bit of concentration” explained Witch Burner. “I would ask for a demonstration, but…” Blitzkrieg glanced at the charred and still smoldering body, “it seems you already granted one.” “What I request now is the location of the Wendigo and the reward for his head.” said Witch Burner.  Blitzkrieg then had a detailed map planning of the town’s location made. “In addition to the loot left in the village, your reward will include several thousand bullets, there is one warning however, this ‘Wendigo’ seems to be incredibly stealthy, no one has seen him, or it.” The evangelist responded “I have a weapon of my own, it shall equalize the situation, my bayonet of lost technology: Ifrit’s claw!” and Witch Burner pulled out a bladed rifle similar to Wendigo’s except the blade glowed black with a horrible burning. “This weapon gives my foes a taste of hell before they enter the Holy Father’s loving embrace and are granted forgiveness and absolution”

Wendigo’s Story, part 6

The villagers walked out of their homes when they heard the silence only to discover massive carnage that one could normally only see after an explosion. Body parts scattered, the snow stained with blood. Many of the women fainted and parents shielded their children from the gruesome horror that used to be their streets.


Alexia grew anxious and worried that Bill may have gotten hurt or killed. She went upstairs and was about to go outside to look for him when Bill walked through the door, his weapon coated in frozen blood. Before he closed the door, Alexia saw the gore that had filled the streets where bandits once stood. Bill then asked her to go down into the basement for a talk. It was down in the basement where he revealed himself to be the infamous “Wendigo” and all of his hunting trips were him hunting criminals, not for food as he led others to believe. He was also a scientist who studied with another across the ocean on the cancer that afflicted him, the one that gave him his extraordinary abilities. He also studied weapon development and it was working with a scientist calling himself Cold Acid. It was with him that his weapon was developed, but he had only developed a part of it. It was called the W/A Bayonet, the blade was actually made out of glass that had been frozen to nearly absolute zero, the coldest anything can get. The firearm section of it was actually based off of the design of a rail gun, in which it used electromagnets to propel a thin blade. Because it used magnets to fire its “bullets” instead of gunpowder, the act of firing was completely silent and made it easier to use the blades from it later instead of using standard bullets which were useless after being fired. Bill then asked Alexia to not speak of Bills true identity, as he could not afford becoming exiled from the town. He was also an “Ecolite”, in which he was born with a cancer that he was not only lucky to survive it, he also adapted to it and it actually made him stronger and faster, which was how he was able to protect the town. After Bill finished explaining his condition, Alexia agreed to hide Bill/Wendigo’s identity, but then asked how to explain their absence. Bill said that they would wait an hour, and then act as if Bill was hunting when Alexia found him. They would then say that they chose to wait in the woods for the bandits to leave. “What shall we do until then?” Alexia asked. Bill only shrugged.


With Bill and Alexia get back into town, Bill acted flabbergasted.  He asked the guard what happened and the response was “bandits raided the town, saw we were poorly trained and demanded a bandit called Dingo and his loot.  We didn’t give up the loot easily though.  While this man was torturing us, his men suddenly started dying, like they were held together with bubble gum.  After his arm blew up from his gun backfiring, he saw the rest of his troops die, and next I know it, the man’s spine is ripped out and has his stakes shoved through his chest.  I swear that Wendigo is the scariest thing around, but I’m glad he’s on our side”. “You saw him?” Bill asked the guard, who responded negatively saying the bandits got hit while he was looking away.